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My Favorite Nail Arts of 2023

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End of the year means a look back at my favorite art of this year! I love doing this because I posted just over 100 posts this year and it is easy to forget what I did in the first half of this year! I feel like 2023 just flew by and wow, I cannot believe 2024 is tomorrow! So let's take a walk down memory lane and check out some of my personal favorites of this year!


As always, every single post is linked for color information and disclosure. I feel like looking back at these also shows how many colors I actually use (and this, somehow, helps me justify my collection!). So enjoy! Let me know if you have any favorites, what you loved wearing in 2023, and what you are looking forward to on this blog in 2024.

January 2023

All the Winter Things: Hot Cocoa, Plaid, and Snowflake Nail Art: I totally forgot about this nail art until I started going through all of this year’s posts. I love how this came out and I really want to do another art just like it.

Winter Stamping: I have not been doing a lot of stamping lately, so looking back at this was nice because it really is an ethereal look, and I love the plate images I used and the double stamping.


February 2023

I Chews You Valentine's Day Nail Art: This one is so cute. I love a good pun. I’m already seeing tons of cute Valentine’s Day items at stores like HomeGoods and Target so hopefully I will get a jump start on some fun nail art.


Monochromatic Color Block Valentine’s Day Hearts: This was a striking look, and I loved the idea of the color blocking. Plus, pink nails are totally cute.

Mardi Gras Sparkly Abstract Nail Art:  I love Mardi Gras so much so I cannot let a Mardi Gras season go by without a few nail art looks. I loved this one because there’s absolutely no talent to it and I definitely love doing art that is a little more intricate and ones that are simply blobs and dots.

March 2023

Checkered Nail Art: This was a look that I loved in theory, and it looked really gorgeous from a far. It was definitely a little messy up close, but the colors simply made me happy.

Rainbow Dotticure: I actually did a few rainbow dotticures this year and so I had to represent one of them. This was like a shimmer and bling explosion.


April 2023

Woodland Spring Mushroom Nail Art: This is quite possibly one of my favorite nail arts of the entire year. I loved the different components and the muted colors and just everything about it makes me happy. It’s really special for me.

May 2023

Fun 90s Design Nail Art: Apparently 2023 was the year of the 90s and Barbie-influenced nail art. I used a lot of neon colors and designs this year. I love how this one came out.


Graduation Nails with Real 18K Gold: While this is not intricate art by any means, I wanted to share it since they are special. I wore these as I graduated with my second masters degree. I wonder what will be on my nails when I finish my doctorate (if I do 😂). 

June 2023

Smiley Daisy Nail Art: These made me happy so they had to be on the list. I love the peach color and the smiley daisies. How can you not smile?


Reflective Watermelon Nail Art: Watermelons make an appearance every year and I loved this rendition with reflective polishes and pastel neons. 


July 2023

Fourth of July Striped Nail Art: So simple yet so effective. I completely forgot about these and I love them. I am thinking I need to do a Valentine’s Day version with pinks and reds.

Summer Lemon Nail Art: I love fruit nail art, and this one was a print that a reader Tami sent to me in a bathing suit form. I love the baby blue against the bright yellow lemons. Plus, the abstract black outlining mixes it up a bit.

Barbie Movie Neon Bathing Suit Nail Art: Then I went full on Barbie to coincide with the Barbie movie release. I absolutely loved that viral bathing suit that her and Kane had on when they arrive in Los Angeles. So clearly, my nails had to match.

August 2023

1994 Birthday Barbie Nail Art: I didn’t stop there. I pulled out my most favorite Barbie that I never opened as a kid and did some matching nails to go with it. I am obsessed.


1991 Totally Hair Barbie Inspired Art: This one was a little more abstract, but still influenced by a Barbie. I loved using the new Zoya neons at the time, and it was an overall fun look.


September 2023

Summer to Fall Swirl Nail Art: The thing I loved about this manicure was the interesting color combo and how I used muted greens along with bright neon colors.

Abstract Geode Nail Art: Another weird, but awesome color combo with what I called abstract geodes. I’m not really sure what this was supposed to look like, but I love the final result.

October 2023

Caffeinated Ghosty: This was part of my 13 days of Halloween and I am so happy I was able to still accomplish that. I loved my idea of a caffeine-obsessed ghost because how else do they haunt at the night?

Spooky Ghosts at Night: I did a lot of ghosts for my Halloween nail art, and I particularly loved this subtle, spooky ghosts at night look.


Pumpkins and Spiders Halloween Nail Art: This is one that people really had to look at to see if that it was actually Halloween nail art, because that beige pink base sort of made it look like a spring look.

Pillsbury Halloween Cookie Nail Art: My absolute favorite Halloween nail art. I did not want to take this off. I had planned to do one for Christmas as well, but ran out of time but hey, at least I have a Christmas idea for next year.

Happy Halloween Candy Corn Gradient with Black Cat: This was my final Halloween manicure, and although it was subtle, I absolutely love how it came out. Just a little black cat for some good luck.


November 2023

Autumn Pumpkins Nail Art: I feel like this year, I used more teal polish than I ever have. I am not mad at that because this teal and orange autumn look was totally stunning.


Thanksgiving Nail Art: Autumn Leaves with Gradient: This was a bit simple for Thanksgiving, but I really liked the leaves, and how the colors of the leaves coordinated with the gradient.

December 2023

Hanukkah Plaid Nail Art: Would you believe I finally found the dark blue reflective I was looking for for this look? So now I know I can use it next year, but I love how this Hanukkah plaid came out.


Hanukkah Ornaments Nail Art: This one did not exactly turn out as I planned, but I still love the overall vibe, and the nods to Hanukkah motifs, such as dreidels and menorahs.


Starbucks Cup Christmas Nail Art: I thought these were just awesome and I noticed that Starbucks did share other people’s nails but not mine. Oh well. Maybe next year! 

Striped Christmas Nail Art: Lastly, I wanted to share my rendition of my 2014 nail art. I think as I enter 2024, I will look back at some of my nail art and re-create them. Who says we can only do one type of art once?

Well, there you have it. I really felt I did not do that much art this year but I guess looking back at them shows that I did do a good amount. Some were a bit simpler but I think this just has to do with my time and commitment towards super intricate art. As I get older, things change. But I am happy that I still do my nails and I do not see myself ever growing out of doing my nails. Cheers to 2024!

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  1. I love all your manicures. My niece loved all the Barbie inspired art and the Halloween cookies too :-) I sent my cousin a Starbucks gc and she sent me a pic of her tea so I had to share the cup inspired art. She said next manicure she's doing that. Thanks for a year of amazing nail art. Happy New Year.

    1. Thank you, Tami! Those Halloween cookies were definitely one of my favorites for the entire year. Thank you for sharing my art; I very much appreciate it. Happy New Year!!


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