Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Zoya Vienna, December Color of the Month

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Well, I guess Zoya is now sending me their colors of the month and I am not mad at that. I cannot figure out definitively if these are only available for the month of the release or until sold out. I noticed older ones are not on the site but that November's color is still available so if you did not grab that one, you can now grab both! I just got an email that you only have a few days left to get this, so here ya go!

If you have read this blog for a while, you know I love a gold polish! So I was very excited when this arrived in the mail!


Vienna is a brilliant gold metallic polish enriched with a mesmerizing blend of iridescent hex shimmer, irregular flakes, gold and iridescent micro shimmer, and fine white pearl. A well balanced gold that compliments all skin tones.

Vienna: 3 thin coats plus top coat. If your nails are not opaque, two coats will be enough. You could definitely use one coat over another color but there’s so much shimmer in it that I feel if you do any other color besides gold, it might give off a “dirty“ type of vibe. I went with the full blown coverage. This will also be gorgeous used as gradient tips (maybe a NYE idea?). I also love this color for December, as I actually went to Vienna in December years ago, and this reminds me of all the twinkle lights that they had during the Christmas markets.


There was failing sunlight and I figured, why not? Better than no sunlight. So I wanted to share just how much this sparkles. It's really pretty but again, I am partial to gold polish and love it. I don't think I would love this as much if it were silver.

Grab the color of the month HERE. You only have a few days left!

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  1. Stunning. I love it. Sadly the online shop I used to buy zoya from closed and the buying direct has crazy fees tacked on . Thanks for sharing.

    1. That's a bummer. I thought Zoya used to ship to Canada, but maybe not anymore. I have no idea where else to purchase this.

    2. They ship to Canada. If you buy during free shipping there is still and international service charge. On $100 order it is around $42 . It's too high or maybe I'm too cheap 😂

    3. Ok well that is out of control; you are not too cheap! That is a ridiculous price. Wish you could find a better way to purchase Zoya!


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