Friday, December 15, 2023

Christmas Nail Art Compilation

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Since I did my Hanukkah compilation, I decided I wanted to do a Christmas one. 12 years of blogging equals a lot of nail art! Looking through this art, I noticed my looks are mostly classy haha. 


Christmas Holly Nail Art: These are so delicate and beautiful. I absolutely love them! I love a sheer squishy base.

Christmas Cat in a Stocking Nail Art: Ok, I needed some whimsy and this cat fits the bill. How adorable?

Candy Cane Nail Art: I love this unexpected green base again the candy canes. This addition of the stamped snowflakes make me happy too!

Christmas Reindeer Nail Art: Looking at this one made me go wow. It is stunning and I am okay admitting that. I need to put that red on ASAP because it is beautiful!!


Christmas Garland Nail Art:  Another classy stunner. I love the colors, the layering of the greens, and the subtle holly berries. I want to recreate these now!

Christmas Tree Farm Nail Art: This bright green created a different kind of Christmas manicure. This is another simple art but makes such an impression and I totally want to do them again.

Christmas Holly Nail Art: I am a broken record but another look I love. This one has a deep, vampy base, but I love how the glitters float with the matte top coat.

 Christmas Tree Dotticure Nail Art: Dots are so simple yet so elegant. It makes Christmas tree nail art so approachable. I want to do this again!

Christmas Lights Nail Art: I love giant old school nostalgic lights. This one was fun against that flake base. It is like it is against a snowy backdrop.

Christmas Red Truck with Tree Nail Art:  The red tree is iconic! Too bad it's smooshed on my nail because I made it too big, but I still love how this came out.

Christmas Bear with Christmas Lights Stamping: I love this nail art. I love the layering of the stamping and the reverse stamping. It makes me happy. Check out my post to see it matte, which I love more.

Starbucks Bear Christmas Nail Art: I was sooooo proud of this nail art. I still am. I don't do such intricate art these days, but wow! Check out the mini Starbucks cup in the snow globe.


Christmas Plaid and Hollies Nail Art: I can't remember the inspiration for this but I am obsessed. I loved the layering of the hollies in the wreath and it is just so pretty.


Charlie Brown Christmas Nail Art: I love Charlie Brown and I used to do a lot of themed nail art. It takes time but I love the effect. They are so iconic!


Ok the posts below here are pretty old, but I have to say, I love the art and I think I will be re-creating some of them this season!

Hot Cocoa with Hollies Nail Art: I love this! It always reminds me of chocolate pudding. I feel like I want to redo this with a lighter brown creme.

Christmas Tree Dotticure: Another Christmas dotticure but this one is so much simpler and yet, I love it. I don’t really use gems because I always rip them off but I love the effect.

Snowy Poinsettias: I like the colors of this manicure and how soft it is. Poinsettias are so pretty and I love this abstract nail art.

Snowy Fields and a Christmas Tree: This one is wintry and just a hint of Christmas. I like the idea of a barren tree with lights and ornaments.

Penguins with Candy Canes Nail Art: Ok stop. I need to redo these. I love them!! These penguins make me so happy! I love that these were inspired by a mug too!

 Striped Christmas Trees:  Another one that I love and I am totally into this and yup, need to do it again! I think it will be my mani I do this Sunday. 

First Ever Charlie Brown: This photo is so old but I remember being soooo proud of these. I still am. I took so much time to make the lines precise and to line up. I just see all the love I put into these.

Well there you have it. A huge post if some of my favorite Christmas arts. Of course, there are a lot more so simply search ‘Christmas’ on my blog to see all of them. I usually sort by date to see the newest ones first! 

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  1. I was looking at most of these the other day. I really like the Christmas tree dotticure nail art from 2019. One thing I've noticed about your art is the colors you choose are perfect. After looking at them I've been looking for the Morgan Taylor Wish upon a Starlet......I'm positive I have it. I absolutely love your original Charlie Brown nail art. Thanks for sharing 💜💜

    1. I knew I missed responding to this comment! I was looking for it as I updated my Hanukkah Ornaments post to show you how many blues I went through to pick those colors! LOL.

      What did you end up wearing as your Christmas nails?

    2. I worked Christmas day so before that I painted them a thermal red(cold) to green .


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