Monday, December 23, 2019

Christmas Lights Nail Art

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Good evening! I have a late night post for you today with a look I literally just took off because I wore it down to its death. I was missing 2 nails because of all the latke making! haha. Well, I have to go do my nails that will be my manicure for the next few days, as I move on to Christmas baking and more gift wrapping. Seriously, making latkes and washing your hands just destroys your nails haha. So let's see my mani!

Christmas Lights Nail Art

 So I decided on doing a Christmas lights manicure after I spent way too long doing reverse stamping and it totally failed and smooshed and was a mess. So I was super frustrated and just decided to do a simple lights manicure!

I went unconventional, using a spring sparkly polish from Girly Bits. I liked that the background color reminded me of sparkly snow.

Christmas Lights Nail Art

So as I mentioned above, the base is Girly Bits Bouquet Corral, which was a COTM from April. Then as follows:
  • Black: KBShimmer Eclipse
  • Green: Girly Bits You Can't Handle the Spruce
  • Yellow: Jessica Cosmetics Yellow
  • Blue: Jessica Cosmetics Blue
  • Red: Jessica Cosmetics Broadway Bound

I love that I can utilize brights and neons for holiday art! I basically squiggled a black line and then added in color blobs as lights!

Christmas Lights Nail Art

Christmas Lights Nail Art

Christmas Lights Nail Art

I love that this manicure came from a failed nail art and this was a super quick mani. Sometimes, the best art comes from a fail, LOL.

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  1. This is stunning, loving the base too :-D

    Merry Christmas :-D


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