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ehmkay nails has been in the works for quite some time since I fell in love with nail art around 2010! I always did my nails, but I was really limited in my color selection. I remember doing a science experiment in the 6th grade on nail polish dry time, and I think it stuck since then!

I'm from the NJ/NYC area and with my MA in Literature. I love to read and teach. While completing my Masters degree, I did my nails as my way to relax while finishing my thesis. I started buying more colors and doing more intricate nail art designs and layering combos. Eventually, I would take pictures and show it to my friends and boyfriend.

The better half of ehmkay nails always supported my hobby and suggested that I start my blog which I am entirely thankful for! He dealt with me walking into drug stores and Sally's and even has helped with indie restocks. He even helps me pick out colors (basically, he is a great supporter).

What is your favorite base coat?

I used Nailtiques Formula 2 as my go to base coat. If I'm using a one coat polish or a creme, I add Bridge the Gap Ridge Filler (which you can find at Sally Beauty). Lately, I’ve been using KBShimmer Fillin Groovy, which is now my go-to. 

What is your favorite top coat? 

My all time favorite top coat is KBShimmer Clearly on Top. I also use Girly Bits Glitter Glaze. Always float your top coat over nail art so you do not smudge it!

Cuticle care?

Many people complain their nails always break. That is because your nails need MOISTURE. I love Stella Chroma cuticle oils (I use it right before my commute to work!). In addition, I use KBshimmer matte cuticle balm if I don’t have time for oils. 

Basics for nail art?

If you're interested in trying nail art, I highly suggest you go on amazon.com or ebay and search for "nail art dotting tools" and "nail art striping brushes." For under $5, you can grab both items and begin practicing nail art. I use tin foil as my nail art palette. 


  1. I'm a HUGE polish fan and saw your site thru Cupcake Nails. What a strange coincidence...although pronounced differently, my nickname is EmKay based on my (maiden) name. Thought that might give you a laugh, because I sure did!

    LOVE your site! Keep up the great work!!!

    1. I realize this is way late because I never got notification of this comment but hello, and welcome! I'm glad you found my site!

      My blog is Ehmkay pronounced like MK which are my initials and tons of people call me that. That's so funny! I hope you come back to visit my site again. <3


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