Friday, December 29, 2023

KBShimmer Howl You Doin'?, January 2024 Polish Pickup

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Hello all! As we end 2023, I figured I would pop up the January 2024 Polish Pickup, since I may take a week or so off in January and did not want to miss sharing this, as it will be available January 5th! This is KBShimmer's contribution and I think any blurple lover will want this, so let's get to it!


KBShimmer Cherry Almond Sugar Scrub - $10 – No Cap

The sweet, classic aroma of juicy maraschino cherries and sweet notes of almonds combine to form a luscious fragrance perfect for a Cherry Almond Scrub. Paired with a bold red color, this scrub's scent is perfect for those wanting a bit of brightness during the day. 

Cherry and almond together are one of my favorite combinations and I feel like I actually requested this scent a while ago when KBShimmer was testing out new scents. I love this sugar scrub and again I wish it would come in a cuticle oil because I’m sort of at my wits end with the amount of sugar scrubs I have lol. One of my favorite cookie recipes is a cherry almond cookie that I usually make during the holidays. I did not make them this year because KBShimmer sent a lovely cookie kit as a holiday gift so I made those instead. Here's the recipe if you are interested; you don't even need the icing they are so good!

KBShimmer Howl You Doin’? Nail Polish - $12 – No Cap

Howl You Doin’? nail polish features a daring blue shimmer that pops against a near indigo base. A scattering of holo bits adds sparkle to this bold blue hue. This stunning shimmer easily captivates with views of indigo and purple hues at different angles. Howl You Doin’? nail polish offers full coverage for most in two coats.
Howl You Doin'?: 3 coats plus topcoat. For me at two coats, I found a few spots that had balding so I decided to add a third coat for good measure. Because this is so bright, it dries down a little bit matte, so it needs topcoat for it to shine. This is a true blurple color, and I can see a lot of people loving it. I love the addition of the sparse, holo glitter that is not so overwhelming that it takes away from that brilliant blue. 

It has been unseasonably warm, so since the sun was out, I ran outside to grab some sun pictures. You can see how that purple just sort of sneaks out at different angles. Again, I love just that hint of sparkle.

UPDATED 12/30: As I was cleaning up my nail room for the new year, I noticed that Tripped Up from the Winter collection looked similar so I did a quick swatch to see if I should purge one. What do you think? Keep both?

The polish and the sugar scrub will be available January 5th through January 8th in the Polish Pickup shop. Shipping starts at $4 in the US and at cost to Canada.

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  1. I love the sugar scrubs. Anything almond I'm in. I have so much baking in my freezers that those cookies will be for valentines day . Thanks for the recipe and thanks for sharing.

    1. I am also a big lover of almond scents! I just want it in an oil. I have soooo many sugar scrubs lol


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