Friday, December 8, 2023

Hanukkah Dreidels

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Ok well I guess I do a dreidel look every year. I have to! When I put on KBShimmer Freeze the Day, I knew I wanted to do a Hanukkah look with it since it was this gorgeous bright blue. And I love how gold and blue look together so this was a winning combination! Tonight is the second night of Chanukah so I wanted to get in this fun look as we go into the weekend. 

Dreidels and menorahs are probably the most infamous symbol of Hanukkah. I do some version of dreidels every year. Originally, I did this look with just the gold dreidels. It just did not look pronounced and I was not loving it. Before I took pictures, I decided to add a yellow creme to outline the dreidels. What a difference? It looks so much better!

Here are the colors I used. I used the Morgan Taylor as a gold base for the dreidels since Long-Term Parking has a sheerer base that did not show up as much against the blue.

  • Blue: KBShimmer Freeze the Day
  • Gold: Morgan Taylor Gilded in Gold
  • Gold glitter: Stella Chroma Long-Term Parking
  • Yellow outline: Duri Cosmetics Sting like a Bee 


I love love love this KBShimmer polish but unfortunately it was super chippy for me. I usually wear manicures for a week, but I had chips by day 3 so I had to change it. No issues, because I was able to put on another Hanukkah look!

So far this is my third post on Chanukah and that makes me happy. I hope you are enjoying my festive nails!

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  1. I really enjoy this manicure. The outlining really made the dreidel pop. I'm wearing shamash hit and hope to put dreidels on it. It's such an amazing polish. I look forward to more of your holiday manicures🕎. Thanks for sharing 💜

    1. Thank you, Tami. Without the outline (how I wore it for two days), it just looked like blobs. With it, I love it! Thank you so much as I am trying to do more Hanukkah art this year.


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