Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Hanukkah Nail Art Compilation

 Contains Press Samples

Hanukkah nail art is always pretty difficult because there are not as many symbols as there are for other holidays, such as Christmas. And the symbols that do exist, are super intricate! Most nail art online shows Star of Davids, but that is a symbol of Judaism, not Hanukkah. After so many years of blogging, I decided to compile some of my favorites and I might actually recreate some! Since Hanukkah (Chanukah) starts tomorrow night, this might kick you into gear to change your nails!

Reflective Dreidels: I love the blue and gold reflectives together. Reflectives are not that easy to work with for nail art, but I feel like I made it work!

Hanukkah "Ugly Sweater" Nail Art: Obsessed with this one and frankly forgot I did it until I was taking a look at Hanukkah art on my blog. This might be my favorite ever. I think I just prefer art done with cremes.

Hanukkah Dreidels: Another dreidel look and there are a lot on this list. I love the combo of the soft white base and that pop of dark blue. 


Hanukkah Penguins Nail Art: This is another favorite of mine. It is soooo cute. Penguins holding gifts and dreidels? Ah! And I love that flake top coat from Stella Chroma.

Hanukkah Menorah Nail Art: Menorah nail art can be difficult but I loved how I combined it over three nails. I love this KBShimmer as it is named after the "lead" candle called the Shamash.


Hanukkah Dreidels: Well, I forgot I did this look and I sort of did it again this year although I prefer this creme version. It is subtle and pretty!


Sparkling Hanukkah Dreidels:  I actually really want to do these again. I love how these dreidels came out. Also, I love these Morgan Taylor blues. It's been a minute since I have pulled them out!

Sparkling Hanukkah Dreidels Take #2: I loved double dipping too. I remember the center nails had no chips at all, so I simply did new nail art on the other nails.

Mensch on a Bench Hanukkah Nail Art: Ok stop because these are amazing. Yes, I am calling my own nail art amazing. I feel like my nails are recognizable!


Gold and Blue Dreidels: Looking at these, I love how the dreidels look, although my letters are in the wrong direction! The letters on the dreidel stand for Nes Gadol Haya Sham which translates to "A Great Miracle Happened There (Israel)." We read from left to right and somehow my letters are right to left!


Ok there are way more on my blog from 2012-2014 but they are not the greatest pictures. Make sure to search Chanukah and Hanukkah, as I apparently would switch it up! 

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  1. They are all so amazing. I love the ugly sweater . Mensch on a Bench is beyond amazing. I love that one so much. All the colors you use are very cohesive. I always search up your holiday nails. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you! Those are my favorites too. I have not done anything quite as detailed this season, but hopefully I get one in!


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