Thursday, December 17, 2020

Chanukah Nail Art with KBShimmer Shamash Hit

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Hey all! Tonight is the last night of Chanukah! I cannot believe eight nights has already passed. I do not know where the time goes! Anyway, I had always planned to do nail art with Shamash Hit, since I did help KBShimmer create that polish to make sure it was an authentic Chanukah polish and not another "Eight Crazy Nights." They used the inspiration of the flame of the candles on the menorah, so that is what inspired my art for this final night!

Chanukah nail art is so difficult to create and vary each year. People actually pinned previous Chanukah manicures and I noticed they had entire boards dedicated to Chanukah nail art--yay! So I was inspired by Flight of Whimsy and her menorah manicure from all the back in 2013!  I love looking at my own old art so it is fun to see someone else who has been blogging for so long and is still active!

The Shamash, which the nail polish has a pun based off, is the lead candle that is used to light the other candles each night. Since tonight is the last night, I lit all the candles on my nails! The menorah is always so pretty when all the candles are light. I always make sure to take a photo. 

The colors I used were all in the gold and metallic range because those are traditional colors! No blue this round since I did it for the first night of Chanukah. I loved how it looked shiny but the matte really amped it up! 

  • Base: KBShimmer Shamash Hit
  • Gold: KBShimmer Whiskey Business
  • Yellow Flame Base: KBShimmer Rum Me The Right Way
  • Flame Glitters: KBShimmer Celebrate Good Shine and Sol Amazing

Well there you have it. Another Chanukah has come and gone. And it ended with a huge snowstorm!

Three of the KBShimmer colors are available now, as they were just released with the Love at Frost Sight Collection. The other two are discontinued, but KBShimmer has tons of other colors! 

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