Monday, December 21, 2020

Pusheen Calendar Series: Pastel Pusheen Christmas

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Hey all! Can you believe that this is my last Pusheen nail art of the year? And it ends with such a cute, holiday image! Last year's was a New Year's Eve based look, so they definitely mixed it up this year. Each year, more characters are added to the Pusheen family, so it is nice to see them all in one image!


This is such a complex and chaotic scene! All the Pusheen buddies and family are together decorating the house for Christmas. I always love the pastel feels of Pusheen and this Christmas image is definitely that! I love little Chip putting the star on the tree!

I could not paint the entire scene on my nails, obviously. I chose the main scene of the tree and Pusheen, because that is who runs this game! I totally need to do a pastel tree on day because I am loving the color palette. I painted the Christmas lights on my outside lights. 


I used a ton of colors for this pastel Christmas look:

  • Purple: Girly Bits Beautiful Soul
  • Pink: Girly Bits Love Yourself First
  • Yellow: Girly Bits Saffron Saffroff
  • Blue: Girly Bits Forget Me, NOT!?
  • Dark grey: Girly Bits Greyzed and Confused
  • Green: Zoya Wednesday 
  • Light Grey: Jessica Phenom Downtown Chic
  • Outline: Jessica Phenom #Love This Look
  • White: Zoya Snow White

 This is why I hesitate to purge cremes. I love the variety and pulling out older colors!

So there you have it! My 12th (actually 13th) Pusheen manicure of the year! I will be back with my yearly round-up, because I love seeing them all in one place!

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