Thursday, December 31, 2020

My Favorite Nail Arts of 2020

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I always like to close out the year with a look back at my nail art. It is so nice to remind myself of a year's worth of manis! I do not include any Pusheen arts in this post, since you can see them all in my Pusheen round up, which I posted yesterday. 2020 was the year of the leopard for me! I did almost ten of them! 

One of the things I think about is if people read blogs anymore. I still enjoy honest and thought out reviews. I cannot stand to read long Instagram captions. I have been told by some makers that I work with that I am their only blogger these days, as everyone has moved to IG reviews. 

At some point, I do wonder, should I continue with this blog or move to IG? My IG just has not grown in years, and the amount of companies I work with is now small, due to COVID and changing PR firms over the last 6 months. I also have been banned from sharing my blog link on Facebook and Instagram for all of 2020, due to their wonky algorithm that says I go against community standards. This is unfortunate as social media was a huge link to get people to my blog. 

After dozens of reports and trying to fight the ban, I finally gave up as I cannot get a response from Facebook. I do feel a disservice toward the brands I do work with, as I have to count on people to google my blog to read posts--which they don't. So all in all, this resulted in less posts this year, and an overall "meh" feeling for my blog, which is sad, because I love to share my art, but no one sees it. I wonder how many will even read this! Speaking of art, I would love to share some of my favorites from this year. Please head to each link for inspiration, polish colors, and disclosures.

January 2020

Blue Gradient with Silver Foil: Loved this look so much, I did it twice. Sometimes my most simple arts are my favorites.

Pink Gradient with Gold Foil: Blue with silver or pink with gold? Which is your favorite?

February 2020

Cats in Love Valentine's Day Stamping: I remember holding onto this plate just for Valentine's Day and it was so adorable!

Love Bear Valentine's Day Nail Art: Inspired by one of my favorite stores, which no longer exists, Papyrus. Their cards were awesome. I miss that store.

Handpainted Rose Nail Art: A different take on floral. I love the simplicity yet the busyness.

March 2020

Pink and Yellow Leopard Nail Art: I remember this nail art so vividly because it was the last manicure I wore to work before the COVID lockdown. It's funny how we remember these things, right?

Ombre Gradient Dotticure: I really loved my first experience with the brand Nailtural and I loved how this dotticure came out. Unfortunately, it seems the company went out of business shortly after I posted this collection and this was the last collection they released. Sad, because I loved the formula. 

April 2020

Tie Dye Nail Art: I knew this was the art I wanted to do with this trio and it came out exactly as planned. Love when that happens.

May 2020

Dry Brush and Polka Dots: Collection nail art is my favorite when it comes together and it sure did with the Stella Chroma summer collection!

Sunset Mandala Nail Art: This was my final exam for one of my classes, and I am proud to say I got an A!

June 2020

Rainbow Neon Leopard Blogiversary Nail Art: I did quite a few leopard nail arts this year, and I will never get sick of them. I love how this came out!

Neon Pink Leopard Nail Art: Then I did an all pink neon leopard (and a few others); yes I became obsessed!

July 2020

Sophia's Birthday Aquatic Nail Art: My niece loves marine life and fish, and she loved my mani, so it had to be included!

Instellar Stamping: Sometimes, I do simple stamping, and I love it! So here you go!

August 2020

Yellow Floral Sundress Art:  Inspired by my niece's favorite dress this past summer, which she has now grown out of!

September 2020

Dragonfruit Nail Art: Unexpected color combo but I was obsessed!

Rainbow Neon Pastel Gradient: Inspired by rain boots, I love how these colors melded together!

Vintage Autumn Leopard Nail Art: I did my birthday with neon leopard and my darling's with a vintage autumn leopard. Full circle!

October 2020

Candy Corn Corgi Bear Nail Art: Are they corgis or bears? You decide. Still cute.

Candy Corn Dry Brush Ghost Nail Art: Inspired by a cake I saw at Magnolia bakery, this extremely quick art stayed on my nails for a long time because it was so cute.

Halloween Nightscape: My Halloween art made me so happy. I loved the end result of this nightscape.

Pumpkin Scarecrow Halloween Nail Art: Inspired by socks, I really loved how this came out!

November 2020

Stamped Gradient Leaves: Between all the Black Friday posts and new collections, November was a slow month for art, but I sure did love my Thanksgiving art!

December 2020

Christmas Holly Nail Art: Another one of those, I am just going to swatch this art quickly and of course, I loved it!

Chanukah Dreidel Nail Art: How fun was this full on metallic Chanukah art? I wore it for a week!

Christmas Tree Farm Nail Art: Five minute nail art that I absolutely LOVED! Of course.

Autumn to Winter Gradient: This was an art that I dreamed up in August, did in November, and posted in December. Sometimes, that happens!

So there you have it! Another year! I think the move to Zoom (even though I do not enjoy teaching on it) allowed me to spend more time on my nail art and so I did less nail art but more that I loved, if that makes sense.


  1. You have done some great ones for sure! :-D

    Happy New Year :-D

  2. I don't even know if I should continue my blog either. I went from thousands of visitors a day to a few hundred. Part of that falls on me for neglecting to post consistently for a chunk of time but I think it was also part of the feeling that no one was really reading anyway. I'm sorry you've had to deal with the FB/IG bans--that must be so frustrating. I won't force myself to keep the blog up...if I just decide to close that chapter, at least I'll know I have it a good 10 years!

  3. Thank you for including me in your faves for the year! All your manis and photos are radiant!

  4. I check your blog everyday ☺ because I love your reviews and nail art. I think many are still reading your blog but most don't comment I never have. I too miss papyrus. They had the best cards. Please keep doing what you're doing.

  5. I've never read your blog before today,I found it cos of your watermark on your photos for kbshimmer. I love your posts! Your artwork is beautiful ❤️ I hope you do whatever gives you the most peace as far as keeping up the blog goes. We all know the internet is forever so your legacy will be out there even if you do stop

    1. So glad you found my blog and that you enjoy my posts! I have continued to blog this year despite the circumstances and I still love to do my nails!


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