Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Pusheen Calendar Series: A Look Back at 2020

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 Another year, another post of Pusheens! I always love looking back at all my Pusheens I have done. I started this series in 2017 so that means I have done 4 years (over 50!!) Pusheen manicures! WOW! Some months (usually October and December), I do more than one Pusheen art. But oh my, when you sit back and think about it, that is a lot of Pusheen art!

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January 2020: A Toast to Pusheen: This was definitely one of my worst Pusheen manis of 2020, and I guess that represented the year to come haha. Pusheen looks tipsy, so I guess that makes sense!

February 2020: Pusheen's Birthday Gift: I guess I found my mojo because this Pusheen in a hot air balloon was so cute!

March 2020: Pusheen St. Patrick's Day Art: This was by far my worst art of the year. I know I rushed this one because I was in the middle of midterms with my student and of course, this is when COVID hit my area and it was chaotic. 

April 2020: Pusheen Bakes a Cake: I love that Pusheen really thrives off baked goods, lol. So this was perfect for April!

May 2020: Pusheen Mother's Day Nail Art: This was one of my favorite's of the year! I had never painted Pusheen's mom and this just came out so cute!

June 2020: Pusheen's Day at the Baseball Game: I loved mixing up my Pusheen arts with a green background this time! Poor Pusheen stuck in the outfield sleeping!

July 2020: Pusheen Fourth of July Fireworks: This came out awesome, even for an abstract Pusheen. I loved the idea of putting Pusheen into fireworks! And the gradient background was a fun look!

August 2020: Pusheen Eating Ice Cream: Another favorite, probably because the sprinkles accent nails were just so adorable!

September 2020: Pusheen Studies: This is one I can get behind because I have been back at school as a student getting another Masters since last spring, and I took two very difficult courses in the fall. I was always studying and doing work!

October 2020: Pusheen Witch: Halloween Pusheens are always my favorite. I usually do two because the calendar inspires me! So first I started with a Pusheen witch creating a potion. Adorable.

October 2020: Pusheen in a Pumpkin: Then, in a similar motif, I made Pusheen witch turn into a Pusheen pumpkin!

November 2020: Mmm Pie Pusheen Thanksgiving: Pusheen is a little fluffy in this art, but I blame that on the obscene amounts of pie!

December 2020: Pastel Pusheen Christmas: I just love how this final Pusheen look came out. Festive, colorful, and happy!

Wasn't it fun to go down memory lane? Which ones were your favorites? For me, I think May, July, August, and October were mine but I love most of them. So, should I continue this tradition for 2021?! Are you bored of Pusheen art?

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