Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Pusheen Calendar Series: Pusheen's Birthday Gift

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Of course Pusheen would be many things this month! It was Valentine's Day, so Pusheen was Cupid. It's also Pusheen's birthday--so Pusheen needs a cake. But the greatest gift of all is a ride in the sky in a hot air balloon, so that's what I am focusing on today! There were so many images on this month's calendar and since today is Pusheen's birthday, I had to post my nail art!

Pusheen Calendar Series: Pusheen's Birthday Gift

 As I mentioned above, there were many images on the calendar this month, but I chose the main image. Clearly Stormy and Pusheen took a sibling hot air balloon ride, but I focused on solely Pusheen because I simply did not have enough room on my nail!

Pusheen Calendar Series: Pusheen's Birthday Gift

I really couldn't fit the entire balloon image on my nail, so I did a shrunken version of it. Here, I have Pusheen in her basket while up in the air. This is so whimsical and cute. I think it actually came out so well!

Pusheen Calendar Series: Pusheen's Birthday Gift

I used mostly Jessica Cosmetics products for this look, inspired by my blue base. Sometimes, I see a color and immediately know what polish will match it!
  • Blue base: Jessica Cosmetics Blueberry Cream
  • Pink: Jessica Cosmetics Pinkies Up
  • Green: Jessica Cosmetics Flower Crown
  • Outlining: Jessica Phenom #LoveThisLook 
  • White: KBShimmer White Here White Now
  • Greys: Girly Bits Greyzed and Confused and Hit and Mist

Pusheen Calendar Series: Pusheen's Birthday Gift

Have you been on a hot air balloon? I would love to go on one! They seem like so much fun. At least Pusheen has gone via my nails LOL. Cheers!

Pusheen Calendar Series: Pusheen's Birthday Gift

Pusheen Calendar Series: Pusheen's Birthday Gift

I looveeeee how this came out! Soo cute. Happy birthday Pusheen!

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  1. Another masterpiece in the Pusheen series! I love how you did the sky/clouds.

  2. Ha, my mom went on a hot air balloon ride recently and said it was boring. "We went up, and that part was fun, then the novelty wore off and we were just. . .up there. Then we came down." I don't endorse her review of the experience, and it's important to know that my mom is basically a space alien so like. Don't let her talk you out of trying it!

    1. Hahaha this is the best comment! I guess you have a point. What WOULD you do once you are up in the air?! LOL. Ideally, I would want to go in the fall with the Northeast foliage and pop a bottle of champagne!


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