Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Mardi Gras Stripes

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It's Mardi Gras! Are you doing anything exciting? Unfortunately, all the southern restaurants and bars around me have closed so I am going to make some vegan jambalaya and cocktails! As I mentioned yesterday, I love NOLA and the culture and so even though I am not in NOLA, but nails are!

Mardi Gras Stripes

I waffled back and forth about what I wanted to do on my nails and then I decided on stripes! I pulled out cremes and shimmers and just randomly did stripes. I was not aiming for perfection here. I just took the sides of the brush and put the stripes on my nails. For the super thin stripes, I did use a striping brush.

Mardi Gras Stripes

My NOLA based colors were a mix of shimmers and cremes:
  • Green creme: Zoya Jace (or Josie...my label disappeared)
  • Green multichrome: KBShimmer Let It Beetle
  • Purple Creme: Girly Bits My Peony Has a First Name
  • Purple shimmer: Stella Chroma Crazy for Speed
  • Gold metallic: Morgan Taylor Gilded in Gold
  • Gold holo glitter: Girly Bits Sax It Up

Mardi Gras Stripes

As I said above, I just randomly added the colors as I went. I used one color at a time and did a stripe on all my nails before starting the next one.

Mardi Gras Stripes

Mardi Gras Stripes

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  1. These are super fun and the colors and finishes go so well together!

  2. I love how vibrant the metallic stripes look - what a fun mani!

  3. This is so fun, I love the striped look!


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