Friday, January 8, 2021

Welcome to 2021

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Hello all! Let's welcome a new year! I decided to take a much needed week off the blog and just relax. I sort of shut my computer down and did not turn it back on for a few days and I very much enjoyed it.  But I went back to work Monday so I had to turn my computer on, so here I am! 

For the past 5 years, I did the year that we were entering on my nails. Well, I just was not feeling it.  And with these past 10 months, I have been doing what I want on my nails and not a task. So I did not want to feel forced (by myself!) to do that. I just really wanted some glitter and that was it. In fact, the whole blog will be less of a "must" post and more like when I want to. For example, I wanted to post this on Monday, but I just could not get the oomph to type. 

I wanted a sheer base so I did 3 coats of Morgan Taylor Barely Buff. This is one of those clean polishes that will never get opaque. But that is exactly what I wanted.

I then used Stella Chroma Long-Term Parking (gold) and Crown of Roses (pink) and with a sponge, I dabbed it on. I did not attain perfection. I just wanted to dab. And I love how it came out. In fact, this is one of those so gorgeous in person but okay in photos. Just believe me!

Both of these Stella Chromas are available now and I truly love them. I have worn both multiple times, so they would be great nail polish purchases! Happy New Year!

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