Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Zoya Naturel 4 Abstract Nail Art

 Press Sample

Hey all. I posted my swatches of the Zoya Naturel 4 and now I am back with some art! I wanted something to show off all of the colors, because I really do love this collection, so let's take a look.


When I feel uninspired, I usually go to my basics: dots, leopard print, or abstract. Well, abstract won out this time because I was tired! I also wanted an art that would show off the variety of purples in this collection. While the tones are similar, they are all very different!


I used Barrett as my base because it was in the middle of the range of colors. Cami and Evelyn are much lighter and Vivian and Adeline were darker!

Then I dry brushed those four cremes in different directions. The last step was to add random dots with Zoya Marlow, the shimmer of the collection. All in all, my whole mani took 30 minutes. Just what I needed.


This collection is available now.

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  1. Gorgeous. I was on the fence about getting these but now I know I really want to try some nail art like yours. Thank you for the great nail art .

    1. I really love the collection. If you look at my swatches, you can see which are my favorites. I love art like this--you cannot mess it up! And no special tools needed! Please tag me if you re-create it because I love seeing them!!

    2. I will definitely get the collection but can't tag lol. I don't have Instagram or Facebook....nothing . Sorry. But thanks for the great art ideas.


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