Saturday, January 30, 2021

Fox in the Woods Winter Nail Art

 Press Sample

Guys...I have been wanting to do this nail art for foreverrrrrrr. Whenever I go to Starbucks, I take a look at their gift cards. They are so cute! In fact, I have a collection of cards that inspired me to do art. They are free cards, by the way, since you bring them to the counter to add money to it. So if you ever see a cute one, you can grab it as inspo later. I used to take pics but I would always end up deleting them. So let's check this out!

Here is the inspiration. I love the idea of sages in this wintry scene and the one bright fox. Seriously, next time you grab a coffee, check out their gift cards!

Colors Used:

  • Green base: Zoya Sage (satin finish)
  • Stamped trees: LeChat Royal Tea, Girly Bits Sage Against the Machine, Girly Bits Ambition
  • Fox: Jessica Cosmetics Woody (red brown), Cheeky (blush), #LoveThisLook (details)
  • Snow: Stella Chroma High Noon (white) and Jessica Cosmetics Falcon (grey)
  • Stamping Plate: L071 from Born Pretty (I think--the sleeve just says "Stamping plate"

 I tried to match the colors and I am so glad the Girly Bits cremes stamp, but the greens were perfect!

Just to explain my process. I first did my base color. Then I stamped the two green trees. Now, as I scraped, I actually removed some trees so they would be more sparse and it was not too crowded.

Then I added my white snow THEN the beige birch tree stamping. So it was a multi-layered process. I wore it shiny and it was pretty but did not photograph well, so matte it is!


Close ups! Is this the most perfect fox? No. Can you tell it is a fox? Yes. I love how it come out! He is a bit more menacing than the inspo, but hey, foxes are stealthy.

So what do you think of this art? A snow storm is a coming next week, so this is totally appropriate.

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