Sunday, January 31, 2021

February 2021 Polish Pickup Offerings: World Travel

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 Hello all and hope you are having a great weekend. I am here sharing some offerings for PPU for February, which pops up on February 5th. World Travel: basically a thing that does not happen anymore. But here ya go, let's celebrate it! Did you travel before the pandemic? It was a favorite of mine!

Alter Ego
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Redwood Reaches For The Sun: 3 coats plus top coat.
Cost & Cap: $10, no cap.
Inspiration & Color Description: Red leaning brown base with green and blue microglitter
Thoughts: This is totally reminiscent of the redwoods you can find outside of San Francisco. I have been to San Fran but it was a last minute vaca (literally purchased tickets 24 hours before leaving) so I spent my time in the city. I cannot wait to go see the redwoods one day!


Paradise Sugar Scrub
Cost and Cap: $10, no cap.
Scent: After a hot day in the sun, a cool and refreshing drink can truly hit the spot. A sparkling hard seltzer with a twist of lime can quench our thirst and energize us. A bubbly citrus soda can bring us back to those summer days of childhood. A hint of lime in a cocktail has us visualizing a tropical beach.Paradise is our nod to those refreshing citrus drinks, starting with a strong note of fresh-squeezed limes, sweetened by hints of pineapple, zesty orange, and lemon. Subtle notes of gardenias finish off this citrus scent. Soft lime and cream swirls of sugar are accented by a dusting of biodegradable glitter. This refreshing, bubbly lime scent, is perfect for anyone who longs for the warmth of the tropics and the weight of a cool drink in their hand.
Thoughts: This is not like her previous paradise scent (as I have a tiny but of cuticle balm left in that scent). This one is more effervescent. Like I feel like I actually smell the bubbles. I love fruity and fresh scents like this so it is a winner for me.

I Can Sea Clearly Now: 3 coats.
Cost & Cap: $11, no cap.
Inspiration & Color Description: I Can Sea Clearly Now is inspired by sunsets, beaches, and everything tropical. This shifty shade starts with a glistening gold that quickly shows off hues of lime and aqua. A quick flick of the wrist or change in lighting brings out bolder blues, teal, green, and hints of periwinkle. Seeming almost pastel at times and jewel-toned in others, this water-inspired hue glimmers as it catches the light, for a unique nail polish that celebrates the tropics.
Thoughts: This is so dreamy and I love that the color coordinates with the sugar scrub. The shift is very strong! You do not need any extreme angles to see the green shift to blue and teal. It is the perfect amount of shimmer too. I love this.

Stella Chroma

Oceanside Dreams Emulsified Sugar Scrub
Cost & Cap: $6 for 2.5 oz jar, no cap
Scent: "Enjoy a dreamy soak in an oceanside spa. Sheer cucumber, lavender, balsam, and a whisper of lime are carried on a salty ocean breeze. Hints of oakmoss and musk linger in the air.”
Thoughts: This is really hard to explain. The description sounds a little woody, but it isn't. It really does smell like the ocean, sitting on the beach, as the waves hit the water.

Sirens of Santorini: 2 coats.
Cost & Cap: $13 for 15mL, no cap.
Inspiration & Color Description: This multichrome shifting shade reflects the teal/silver/blue of the sun glinting off the ocean waves. It even shines purple at extreme angles. Iridescent flakies and holographic sparkle give it an extra kiss of color. If you loved Lavender Fields Forever, this polish will capture your attention as well!
Thoughts: As the description states above, this is like a teal/blue version of Lavender Fields Forever, which is a favorite of mine and has a big dent for usage! The purple was there but it hid for my camera but it is polishes like these that I love to wear on their own and appreciate all the shifts of the base and the flakes. Do not miss out on this one!

These polishes and both & body products will be available February 5th - 8th in the Polish Pickup shop. Shipping is flat rate $3 in the US and $5 to Canada.


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