Friday, December 23, 2022

Hanukkah Nail Art

 Press Sample

Hello again! Here’s my final look for Hanukkah. As predicted, I did not get all the nail art that I had wanted to do, done. It’s really because I don’t swatch art anymore because I prefer to wear it. Then I had a sickness that took me out for four days, so I missed out on doing an extra art in there! But hey, there’s always next year  I just love how these came out so I am glad I got the time to actually sit down and create them. 

I am always inspired by cards! They have such pretty art. This time, it was a Trader Joe's card. I love that their cards are only $1.00 too, so I grabbed this one to keep and I will eventually send it out next year. I was inspired by all the "ugly" sweaters which are actually sweaters I would 100% wear. 

Here are the colors I used. Would you believe me if I said I picked out at least 20 colors, maybe thirty, and then narrowed it down? Lol. I always do this and make a mess. I originally was going to use shimmers and metallics, and then ended up with cremes.

  • Cornflower Blue: Duri Cosmetics Freeze the Day
  • Pale Blue: Jessica Cosmetics Forget Me Not
  • Medium Blue: Jessica Cosmetics Blueberry Cream
  • Dark Blue: Jessica Cosmetics Adios MF! 
  • White: Stella Chroma High Noon
  • Yellow: Zoya Darcy

I love the blues I ended up picking out because they are all so different yet each are soft cremes. See, so there is a point to have 100 different blues?! The slightest bit of yellow can totally change the tone of blue. Also, I was going to go back and matte this before I posted, but I wore it shiny and really loved it the whole time. I am sure matte would look cool too though!


I love the different symbols. I always want to put sufganiyot on my nails but never really knew how to paint them on my nails. Well, these are so cute. Can you see the donuts on my pinky? I also have a menorah on my index, a dreidel on my ring, and the center nail is just shapes in the color palette. 

UPDATE: I put matte on it and I love it! Here's tons of photos!

Hanukkah ends on the 25th so I hope you have an amazing rest of the holiday! I'm going to get up one more holiday look and then onto New Year's Eve, but wow, a week left in the year!!!

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  1. Great manicure. I love all the "ugly" sweaters. I also love all the shades of blue. Love the sufganiyot on your nail. What is your favorite filling?? Chag Sameach

    1. Me too! I have 4 "ugly" Chanukah sweaters and definitely wore them to work, haha. So I am not a huge fan of jelly donuts, but I had a chocolate sufganiyot from Breads Bakery and it was delicious!! Happy Chanukah to you!

  2. Great inspiration and gorgeous manicure! You're right, also I would gladly wear this "ugly" sweater :-)

    1. Thank you so much! I was so happy how I was able to translate the card onto my nails!


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