Saturday, December 24, 2022

Christmas Holly Nail Art

Press Sample

Hello everyone! I am cutting it down to the wire with my Christmas manicure which I just did late last night. Hence the last minute post but hey better late than never right?

This look was loosely inspired by some thing I saw on Pinterest and it was an accent nail. But I can’t leave accents alone and decided to do all 10 nails in this winter holly look. Some thing about the super soft and sheer backdrop to the holly leaves and bits of snow was just so pretty to my eye.



Here are the colors I used. I went through whether I wanted a pink sheer base or a completely neutral base and eventually opted for a soft white. I haven’t worn a color like that in a while and I almost didn’t want to put anything on it.

  • Base: OPI Don’t Touch My Tutu 
  • Green stem: Morgan Taylor Oh, Para-chute!
  • Green shimmer: Stella Chroma Toe-up
  • Light Green: Zoya Sage 
  • Dark Green: Girly Bits Sage Against the Machine 
  • Red: Stella Chroma Gala 
  • White: Stella Chroma High Noon 



After I did my base of the sheer white, I added thin lines as a stem to act as a guide of where to put my leaves. Then I added leaf shapes and alternating greens. I did three different greens in different finishes just to add some versatility.

Then I added red dots as the holly berries randomly. I was going to use a cream but then opted for a shimmer just to make this a little bit more festive. The last step was to add random white dots to active snow falling on the hollies. We were supposed to get more snow yesterday but only saw some flurries. So it seemed appropriate.

Just like my Hanukkah manicure yesterday, I might update this post with a matte version when I matte it for Christmas tomorrow!

Well I hope you have a lovely holiday if you celebrate. Wishing you peace and joy.

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  1. Very pretty and elegant! :-) Merry Christmas!!! :-)

    1. Elegant is the perfect word. It's so fancy! Merry Christmas to you!

  2. This manicure is so lovely . I will definitely try this one next year. Thanks again for sharing.

    1. Thank YOU for taking the time to comment! This one is surprisingly easy because leaves look however you want them to!


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