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KBShimmer Northern Exposure Winter 2022 Collection

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Hello all! So I have the KBShimmer Winter Collection today. Yes, I know this released last month but technically the holidays are now, so showing you these now makes sense! When I first saw the title of this collection, I immediately thought of the television show Northern Exposure which is from the 90s and I loved it as a kid. Alaska has great meaning to me! But alas, it is not the television show but the locale (which is apparently awesome) that inspired this collection! So let's take a look. 


"There’s a bit of magic when the first flakes of snow fall up North. Snuggling into our warmest coats and clothes, mittens and boots come out of storage to help keep the chill at bay. Summer cabins become winter retreats with snow-covered pines offering a cozy setting for enjoying time on a frozen pond or rushing down a snowy hill. Short days give way to inky nights offering a deep canvas ready to showcase billions of twinkling stars and colorful Northern Lights best appreciated outside the cities."


I have a lot of different lightings to show the polishes in, but they are not always consistent. I was so behind with the swatches that I did it on the day I could. The sun did come out a bit, so some polishes did get glorious sun photos. Others, nope. But it's all good!


Northern Exposure: 2 coats. "Northern Exposure nail polish pays homage to that glorious natural phenomenon. A purple base deepens as layered, offering a night-like canvas for a scattering of twinkling holo flakes. Shifting shades of red, gold, green and blue appear as lighting and viewing angles change, mimicking that spectacular evening light show."

Let’s start with the name sake of this collection because it is a showstopper. Wow, this is a gorgeous polish. At the slightest movement, you will see different colors appear. At the smallest movement, a new color will appear. It is really beautiful and it is dark but the shifty colors make it more wearable for me.  While it does look purple in the bottle, it actually pulled brown on my skin tone which I really liked.


Paired Up: 2 coats. "Paired Up is a glittering purple nail polish that echoes the colors of some of my favorite warm socks. Loaded with glowy holo flakes, Paired Up has a fun twinkle that sets off a vibrant shimmer featuring shades of magenta and copper. Depending on viewing angles and lighting, hints of gold and a deeper purple can dance at the edges of your manicure."

I really like the finish on this one. Those holo flakes give it almost a metallic feel but it is still shimmery and soft. I love the magenta to copper shift as it is just so fun in the purple base. It's almost an electric color.



Out of Sequins (Reflective): 1 coat over Zoya Slyva then 2 coats. "Out Of Sequins reflective nail polish topper is the perfect way to dress up your manicure. In low lighting, you can catch a subtle twinkle that won’t obscure the color underneath. As the light increases so does the bling! Flash or bold lighting will reflect a bright silver for that perfect touch of bling."

I suppose you could wear this on its own and I probably would over ridge filling basecoat. But I like the idea of being able to put this over any color so that is what I decided to do. I wanted to see how it looked over a deep blue. I also realized I am missing a red reflective so I’ll probably try that later on as well. I like that without flash, this just looks like a shimmer topcoat so it really can go over everything.  I also tried this with two coats and I really liked it that way as well, and prefer it with two coats. You can see the difference below.



 Logging Off (Reflective): 2 coats plus top coat. "Logging Off nail polish is a nod to the deep woods. A blue-leaning deep green color, this reflective polish is the perfect shade for those wanting a bold jewel tone. Accented by green reflective pigment, Logging Off comes alive in brighter lighting with twinkling glimmers of emerald."

This is like a Christmas tree green. All you have to do is add a red glitter topper over it and it’s like the easiest festive nail art I can think of. Like all reflectives, this dries down super matte so you wanna add topcoat to make it shine. Great formula and super glittery. I am actually wearing this as an accent nail as I type this.



Chill Out (Reflective): 2 coats plus top coat. "Chill Out is a sky-blue nail polish with twinkling silver reflective glitters that echo falling snow. Loaded with a multichrome shimmer, this shade shows off a rainbow of hues. Glistening gold, pink, red, and warm orange easily pop against the cool blue base, while some angles even show hints of lime."

I definitely have a shimmer like this where it is a light blue with super shifting rainbow colors. So it’s fun to have this in a reflective version where everything is like a sparkly rainbow. I can’t wait to put this one back on. It's just really pretty so here are way too many photos.


Slush Fund (Reflective): 2 coats plus top coat. "Slush Fund is a nod to those golden orange drinks. A gold reflective nail polish, Slush Fund is accented by a warm orange to red to gold shifting shimmer. This shade comes to life in bold lighting, flashing a fun gold color perfect for pairing with your holiday wardrobe, or your favorite jeans."

This might be my favorite reflective yet probably because I absolutely adore gold nail polish. It’s just one of my favorite colors to wear on my nails. I love the bits of pink and copper that come out. This is definitely my favorite reflective of the collection and probably my favorite of all the reflectives that KBShimmer has released. I’ll be back with art with this one for sure. 



Yes We Cran: 2 coats but I should have done 3 after seeing photos. "Yes We Cran is a vibrant red shimmery metallic nail polish shade. Flashes of orange, gold, and cool red flash as you change lighting and viewing angles. Best in two coats, Yes We Cran is perfect for a fun holiday manicure or a bold everyday shade."

This one might be my favorite after Slush Fund. I love the super gorgeous gold and orange shift against that cranberry pink base it’s just so pretty. Once I saw photos, I needed a third coat, but in person, I could not see my nails like I can in photos. I love that it is like a red pink and just so pretty with that rainbow shift again. The gold pop of shimmer is so pretty.



How Polarizing (Magnetic): 2 coats using the zigzag magnet after each coat. "How Polarizing nail polish is a nod to the color palette of my childhood winters in Minnesota. A deep navy base sets off a multichrome magnetic in teal, blue, purple, and green. A hint of micro holo flakes adds a touch of sparkle to this shifty shade. Worn without using the magnet, this vibrant multichrome still flips through teal, blue, and purple hues."

I use the zigzag magnet on this one but I’m not seeing it online so I wonder if the magnet sold out. It has a really fun effect but I admit that I am not the best with using magnetic polishes. That being said the magnet created this awesome effect with the multi chrome where different colors sort of appeared as patches all over the nail. To me, this looks like the true northern lights experience that you would get. Imagine some stamped trees down by my nail line with the backdrop as the sky. Just so pretty. 



Let’s Hang (Magnetic): 2 coats using the magnet at a diagonal on the magnet stand after each coat. "Let’s Hang magnetic nail polish starts with a deep forest, almost black base. A vibrant magnetic pigment shows off shades of green, while a colorful mix of shifting flakes echo the glow of holiday lights."

This is a fun pine color. I like the added flakes although they do look a bit chunky as they come out and they are more sparse than they appear in the bottle. You can see that I did get a curled flake on my ring nail by my cuticle, but it was the only one so far. I used the stand with the magnet for this one. I liked using the stand because I could leave my nail under it for longer than I normally would with a wand and get a stronger finish. Of course I dinged my nails twice upon removing my nail from the magnet so just take care if you’re silly like me.



I have a lot of favorites in this collection: Slush Fund, Chill Out, Yes We Cran, How Polarizing, and more! If you did not already grab this collection, what will you pick up?!

Each shade in the Northern Exposure collection retails for $12.00.

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