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My Favorite Nail Arts of 2022

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As we reach the end of the year, I always like to walk down memory lane and see all the art I have done. It reminds me of what I did 10 months ago, because I do forget. So for today, I have a roundup of my personal favorites from the entire year!


All of the nail art looks are linked so you can head to each post and see my inspirations and color details. I just loved looking back at the last year and refreshing my mind on what I did. So I hope you enjoy this post!


January 2022

Glitter Star Nail Art: I love the idea of mixed metallics especially gold and rose gold. That was the inspiration behind this look and I still love the mix of the colors.

February 2022

Mardi Gras Nail Art:  It is not unknown to people who read my blog that I love New Orleans. I always try and do some Mardi Gras looks and I loved this diamond harlequin look. Of course, this is in the typical Mardi Gras colors and I love all the bling.

Valentine's Day Leopard Nail Art: I also love to do leopard nail art and I actually didn’t do much of it in 2022. I did love this take on a Valentine’s Day look with the leopard spots having hidden hearts in them. So cute.



March 2022

Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras Nail Art: Here was my Mardi Gras nail art for Fat Tuesday. Remember Mardi Gras is actually 6 to 8 weeks long. This one had the masquerade mask and my interpretation of beads over a neutral lol. And I will never get over a tri color gradient.

Reflective Rainbow Nail Art: This was one of my first dabbles of using reflective nail polishes and nail art. KBShimmer had come out with a complete collection of reflectives and so my brain went to rainbows. This was such a fun look.

April 2022

Easter Chicks and Bunnies Cupcake Nail Art
: I had to throw one Easter look in here. I just love how my bunnies and chicks cupcakes came out. Absolutely adorable.

Sprinkles Candy Nail Art:  Sprinkles! I had done another nail art with a sprinkles nail as an accent and then decided I wanted to do an entire sprinkles look. No rhyme or reason, I just wanted it.


May 2022

Abstract Art: I always forget how effortless and abstract nail art can look. And reflecting back on this one, I see how much I love it. Just blobs and dots, nothing else.

Spring Floral Nail Art: This floral look is so clean and refreshing. I love the pops of almost neon colors in the flowers but that soft milky beige base just gets me.


June 2022

Ehmkay Nails at 10: 10th Blogging Anniversary:  Re-creating the first ever blog post on my blog was so special. Even though I didn’t still own all of the colors, I loved that I had most of them and it was like going back in time. I really enjoyed seeing the differences in 10 years.


10 Years of Ehmkay Nails, Looking Back: As usual, my birthday nails are always my blog anniversary post. I did mix it up this year to share my 10 year re-creation but still love my actual birthday nails. This is a total departure of what I usually do but I love gradients and I love pastel neons.


July 2022

Fourth of July Nail Art: Popsicles, Fireworks, and More!:  How cute is this popsicle look?  It’s red, white, and blue but in a totally new way for me. It was just so cute.

Dry Brush Nail Art: More abstract nail art. Just take a neon collection, put it over a sheer base, and dry brush those colors. You can really see how well a collection looks together when you do nail art like this.


August 2022

Grapefruit Nail Art:  This month was a nice month for me with nail art. I finally did some nail art that I had on my Pinterest board forever, including these adorable grapefruits. As usual, I like to do these nail art on a neutral base and I love how it looks.

Summer Popsicles Nail Art: I loved my Fourth of July popsicle so much that I did them again in a more pastel yet neon look. I love this over the yellow base and I really just love everything about this.

Vintage Sunshine Nail Art: This is yet another look I had on Pinterest forever and I love the muted colors that transition perfectly from summer to fall. Looking at this makes me want to put these colors on right now.

Watermelon Nail Art: Watermelon was another fruit on my to do list and I just love how this came out. Again these are more abstract fun looks rather than literal fruit. I just love the use of the different greens.

September 2022

Apple Nail Art for Rosh Hashanah: I love celebrating Rosh Hashanah and we typically eat apples and honey to welcome a sweet new year. This look was so pretty with the glitter base. 


Vintage Rainbow Nail Art: This is another look that was on my Pinterest board for a while. I just love the color combo and simplicity of the patterns. 

October 2022

Autumn Plaid Nail Art: One of my favorite nail arts! So simple and effective. I love how the reflective acts as a fun accent.

13 Days of Halloween: Ghosts in Costume: How cute are these ghosts dressed up for Halloween? I love that each one has its own unique personality AND that I put it over a nail polish called Ghost!


13 Days of Halloween: Halloween Swirly Bats: This was the standout of my Halloween nail art. It was definitely the one everyone loved and got the most likes on Instagram.


13 Days of Halloween: Haunted House Starry Night: I was so excited I finally sat down and did this. It was fun to just sit and paint and paint until I wanted to. This Starry Night rendition was so fun to create.


Metallic Celestial Gradient Stamping: This was a special polish made for me by Stella Chroma and I paired it with some of my favorite images: stars! I loved the metallic gradient of the rose golds and golds. So subtle and pretty.


November 2022

Pumpkins and Plaid Thanksgiving Nail Art: Oh I absolutely loved these nails. The teal is so fun against the bright oranges. Plus the simple plaid was so easy. 

Thanksgiving Pies Nail Art: Who doesn’t love pie? I put them all on my nils for Thanksgiving. 

December 2022

Hanukkah Nail Art: I had to share this Hanukkah nail art again because I was so proud of it. I loved all the blue tones and how everything worked together yet was so different!


Christmas Holly Nail Art: My final nail art of 2022 before doing my New Year's nails (which you'll see in 2023 since I haven't done them yet! So soft and wintry and pretty.

Well there you have it! Another year of nail art! Of course, this isn't ALL my nail art from the year, but definitely my favorites!

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  1. This is a perfect reminder as to why I love your nail art so much. I couldnt pick a favorite because they are all gorgeous. Thank you for a great year of nail art. I look forward to your next post. Thanks for sharing .

    1. Thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog with amazing comments! Happy New Year!

  2. It's a whole bunch of very pretty manicures! :-) Great year of nail art! :-) I think that my favourite manicure could be Reflective Rainbow Nail Art :-)

    1. Reflectives are so fun to do art with. Glad you enjoyed looking back on my year of art!


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