Thursday, October 6, 2022

Autumn Plaid

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Hello everyone! It was also my father's birthday in September so I did some nails to celebrate him! His favorite color is orange, so my nails are an orange ode to my father. Just doing plain orange nails was not enough though; I had to amp it up!

I just just swatched KBShimmer Pump It Up, which is an orange reflective, and I somehow wanted to use it. Then I picked up Stella Chroma Hug the Road. Those are the two colors that I gravitated toward that inspired this look. Then my brain wanted plaid and so I found colors that would work with those. 

Here are all the colors I used:

  • Beige: Stella Chroma Deer Abby
  • Yellow: Stella Chroma Cactus Bloom 
  • Medium Orange: Stella Chroma Hug the Road 
  • Darker Orange: Zoya Jackie 
  • Reflective: KBShimmer Pump It Up

The plaid nail looks complicated, but it really wasn't. I can't tell you how many people thought they were fake nail strips. I did the yellow line right, then the lighter orange, then the darker orange, and last the reflective. 

My index was Hug the Road with the reflective dabbed on it. My outside nails (pinky and thumb), I did just KBShimmer Pump It Up, so the reflective really shined. I really love how this came together and the colors just make me happy. This just screams autumn to me!

Of course I had to share this manicure with the reflective activated. These have flash, which does wash out my nails a bit, but the point is to see how cool the reflective accented my plaid nails. Just so so fun.

I did not want to take these off. I loved them soooo much but two of my reflective nails chipped, so alas, it had to go! Now I want all the plaid nails!

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