Friday, October 28, 2022

13 Days of Halloween: Favorite Media-Inspired Halloween Looks

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For my last recap, I am focusing on movies and television! Looking back at ten years of Halloween manicures was seriously fun. I must have spent hours just browsing, compiling, and linking these posts, because I am so proud what has been on my nails for a decade! So let's take a look at my favorite media-inspired looks!



Let's start with my oldest look! This was one of many Charlie Brown-inspired nail arts that I have done on this blog. I combined some shaped glitters with the nail polish and while, yes, this is rough, I am not mad at it! My Snoopy silhouette looks pretty good! Here is my blog post on this look!

Here's another oldie! I wish I got better pictures of this because I loved it so much! I added all the details of the movie from the Halloween tree to Zero. Just love this! Head to my post for all the details!


What's more iconic than Beetlejuice's stripes and green hair!? This was one of my more simple looks for Halloween, but that transparent green is eerie and spooky. Color details here!

I cannot even explain how much I love this nail art even if the staining of that blue base still scars me to this day. To me, this just so perfectly matched Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin and I was impressed with what I did!  Full details here!

2017 was an epic year of nail art for me. I just love what I created. And I remember after doing these nails, I sat back and was just like wow. The Hocus Pocus spell book was just totally my jam. I love how these look to this day. Do I dare re-create it!? Head to my post for full details!

Ok some more Nightmare Before Christmas! It's such an iconic film; is it a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie? Either way, I love doing different versions, whether it's colors or images. I remember the Sally nail taking forever! Here's another one from 2017; what was in the water? My nail art was awesome. Head to the post for more details!

I have a Sally costume that has been in hibernation since 2020, so it is definitely coming out again this year for work. That's why I have two nail arts. This version was brighter and shiny, so decide which one you liked more! Click here for post details!

Ok so now that you have seen the bright and shiny version of Sally's dress, here is a muted version that I wore matte. I definitelty prefer this version because it feels more spooky and foggy, just like Halloweentown. What do you think? Click here for my full post!


Ok, so this one was Hocus Pocus-esque but a recreation of an older mani. I realize I put it in the wrong post, but I don't care. I love the purple neon background and the floating witch hats. You can decide what witches own these hats. Head here for more info!


I loved when Pusheen calendars were super themed. I didn't even bother buying this year's because it was lame and last year's wasn't as good as previous years. I loved all my Halloween Pusheen art and Pusheen in a pumpkin cauldron is adorable. Plus, I loved the pastel brightness of it. Click here for full details!

This was another favorite Pusheen of mine. Pusheen loves candy and so do I. I also loved the bright colors of this because Halloween nail art can get pretty dark and gloomy. This is just cute and fun! Click here for more details!


Last but absoutely never least is my Sanderson Sisters silhouette. Even with no faces, you immediately know who these people art! I was so proud of how I got the hair to look. Plus, there's only one black flame candle! Love these spooky sisters. Head to my post for all the details!

I hope you enjoyed these recaps! I shared over 50 manicures. FIFTY. That's how badly I could not narrow it down. There were so many more special nail arts, but wow, it was super fun looking through these. Hope you enjoyed them too!

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  1. Amazing. I did screen shots of a lot of these manicures when you originally posted them. It's great that you are reposting them. Thanks for sharing.

    1. After ten years, I definitely forget what I've done (wouldn't we all?) so this was really to look back on!


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