Wednesday, October 12, 2022

13 Days of Halloween: Reflective Spiderwebs

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I feel like all Halloween nail art requires at least one spider look. I pulled out all of my stamping plates that contain Halloween images and every single one had an image to do with spiders. I knew I wanted to combine spider stamping with a reflective nail polish because Halloween is at night, and believe it or not, you’ll see lots of bright lights outside to make a reflective polish pop. So let’s take a look at the super fun stamping.

Reflective polishes have been popular for a year now and I always like to try and do some nail art with them. When you look at spiderwebs, they literally are silk and do have some sparkle to them especially if you catch them in the right light. So I thought what a perfect way to use a reflective polish and to top them with some spiders. 

I guess spiders truly are a Halloween motif since every single stamping plate I have that is for Halloween has some sort of spider look. I picked three different looks and combined them on my nails because I thought it was fun to have some thinner and thicker webs. No two spiderwebs are the same.

  • KBShimmer Drawn to You
  • Girly Bits it’s definitely him
  • Plates: Lina Spooklicious, BBB 01, and BBB 04

Obviously the reflective look is super fun but I wanted to share what this looks like in normal light especially if you don’t work under bright lights and have to look at it most of the day normally. I do love the shimmer in the base and it still gives this sort of gray and murky and moody look to the nail art.

Also, I opted to leave this one without topcoat because I like the texture coming through and plus matte is always more spooky to me. I will say I did not matte this one and just left it as its normal texture.

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  1. I love this one. So far it's now my favorite. I bought a couple reflective glitters from the kb collection. I haven't worn them yet . You have inspired me to use drawn to you for a Halloween 🎃 stamping manicure. Thanks for sharing 💜

    1. Yess!!! I hope you love it! The color of Drawn to You gave me such spider vibes--not sure why but it was just perfect for it. Have fun wearing it!


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