Friday, October 14, 2022

13 Days of Halloween: Favorite Halloween Stamping

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I know at the end of every year, I question whether or not I will continue posting to my blog, since my readership is way down, my blog is still blocked from FB and IG, and my IG followers have definitely stagnated. I don't mind though, because I still love doing my nails. It's just whether I continue to show them. That inspired me to look down the road at TEN, yes 10, years of Halloween manicures. I broke the memory lane up into three posts, that I have tried to theme! I just can't believe I've been sharing Halloween nails for a decade!! Today's post is dedicated to all things Halloween stamping!



I absolutely LOVED these super simple B🎃🎃 nails! I mean, come on! I set them over a glowing orange and yellow base. Head to the post!

These 3D spiders over that flakey polish is just so cool and spooky. Full post here!

You guys....this one is from my early blogging days! Stopppp! I don't even think I had started stamping yet, but I loved the decals and this makes me want to take decals out. Also, we all start somewhere. Full post here!


Candy Corn stamping over a candy So meta. So obsessed. Here's all the details!

Haunted house stamping is always fun. I loved the 3D aspect of the double stamping. Just so much fun! Here's the plate and color details!

I love reverse stamping and how the flakes just popped against the eye image. Wow, I am really wanting to use flakes right now! Details here!

Another super fun Halloween plaid look! Just a simple gradient with black stamping and I love this look. Full color details on my post!

I love Halloween-themed thermal polishes. I just had to do some black pumpkin stamping over it. Here's my post on it!

Iconic Halloween stamping. I always use this plate image because it has everything. It's why I love it so much. Head to my post for all the fun details!

I love easy stamping like this! My nails are the jack-o-lanterns and I just stamped the fun faces! This is just so fun! Details over here!

I was and still am absolutely obsessed with my nail art for last Halloween. Soooo dainty and different and I just love the celestial stamping. Head to my post for all the details.


This was hard to narrow down! But really, I just picked some of my favorites and there's lots more I love! This post really just inspires me and I so badly want to recreate them!

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  1. Whatever you decide for the future, I've always enjoyed your posts!

    1. Thank you! I do love writing them and sharing more details, but it definitely takes a lot of time!

  2. I look at your blog every couple days. I do comment once in a while but I always check out your blog. I will be very sad if you decide not to post anymore. I don't have Instagram or Facebook so this is the only way I can enjoy your posts. Thank you for all your hard work. 💜

    1. I only post about 2x a week now. For Halloween, it's definitely a lot more! You still can view on other social media without having it, since I keep those profiles public, but I see your side of it. Old fashioned blogs just cannot be replaced!


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