Monday, October 31, 2022

13 Days of Halloween: Haunted House Starry Night

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I can’t believe that it’s Halloween. This means it’s the end of my favorite season and we will move straight into the holidays (well, some people already have). Later today, I will be posting my recap of my 13 Days of Halloween but first let me show you Day 13! I went back-and-forth on what I wanted to do but as I was walking around the city this past weekend, I saw a pretty poster in Sotheby’s of a van Gogh painting. Thus I created my van Gogh Halloween scene. 

This was inspired by one of those Paint Night paintings. I had this image pinned for a long time ago but forgot all about it and as I was browsing my Pinterest board, there it was. I knew it was meant to be since I saw the poster so I set out to do this starry night scene but in Halloween colors with a haunted house.

I stuck with all creams because it would make the colors pop more. One of them has a slight shimmer but it really isn’t obvious with the way that I used it. I started with a base of white before painting. Here are the colors that I used: 

  • White: KBShimmer White Here White Now
  • Black: KBShimmer Total Eclipse
  • Red: Jessica Cosmetics Roadster
  • Dark Orange: Jessica Cosmetics Orange
  • Light Orange Jessica Cosmetics Sahara Sun
  • Dark Yellow: Jessica Cosmetics Yellow 
  • Light Yellow: Jessica Cosmetics Yellow Meringue

I had zero intentions of doing this on my right hand. I originally painted my nails orange and then was going to do a black gradient over it but then I loved my left hand so much I actually did the van Gogh scenery over the orange. It still worked even not over the white base, but the polish is thicker cause I had done two coats of the orange vs one coat of the white. My right hand is obviously not as neat as my left hand. I do love that they are very clearly matched though. I will say this manicure took me almost an hour and a half. When I sat down though I knew I wanted to spend time just having fun painting. That's what I did!

I rarely pose without nail polish bottles just because it looks awkward, but I wanted to show how my thumb connected with the rest of the nail art. I love how this came out. It's definitely a Monet and looks way better from afar!

 🎃🎃Come back for my recap later today but I hope you enjoyed my 13 Days of Halloween!🎃🎃 HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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  1. I really enjoyed your 13 days. This definitely has a starry night feel to it. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you for following along as I have posted! It was fun to do!


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