Monday, October 31, 2022

13 Days of Halloween 2022 Recap

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Here it is! My 13 Days of Halloween! I had so many ideas and well, I didn't even do half of them. I always say I will start Halloween manicures in mid-September and I never get around to it haha. My fault! But at least I got 13 Days, which as you remember, used to be the original Freeform schedule, LOL. So here it is! All 13 days!



Day 1: Secret Boo


Day 2: Spooky Eyes


Day 3: Reflective Spiderwebs


Day 4: Halloween Stamping


Day 5: Black and Orange Half-Moon


Day 6: Candy Corn Halloween Plaid


Day 7: Favorite Halloween Hand-painted Looks


Day 8: Patterned Pumpkins

Day 9: Ghosts in Costume


Day 10: McDonald's Halloween Pails Nail Art

Day 11: Favorite Media-Inspired Halloween Looks

Day 12: Halloween Swirly Bats

Day 13: Haunted House Starry Night

So there you have it! Another Halloween season down. A little bummed it's over since October and Halloween are the best, but now it's time to think about next year!

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