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Stella Chroma I’m the Bigger Bear Collection

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So the newest collection by Stella Chroma is inspired by the TV show Yellowstone. I recorded the entire series on my DVR during a marathon one weekend and then let it sit for six months before I watched it. In the meantime, Pam of Stella Chroma had already just watched it and told me she needed me to watch it so we could discuss. Finally I caved and went through the entire series in just over a month.

 From Pam of Stella Chroma,

"I'm The Bigger Bear Collection. Like many people, I have been totally sucked in by the TV series Yellowstone. Beth Dutton is one of the biggest personalities in the whole show. In the beginning, I totally loathed her but came to LOVE her quickly. That woman is a whole vibe. And so is this collection. Some shades are inspired by certain scenes, some by certain outfits, but they are all the hard and soft of Beth Dutton."

Coffee & Cigarettes 'Til Noon: 3 coats plus top coat then matte. Honestly two coats is all you need but I did a third because I had a tiny bit of visible nail line on one of my nails and I wanted to be a consistent across. I love the pink undertones of this color and how the shimmer is so shifty and beautiful. It’s such a calming color.

This is one of those shades inspired by Beth herself. She speaks incredibly hard (This phrase is how she explains intermittent fasting to her dad) but also has a very soft side. She also often dresses softly when on the ranch. Soft, warm neutrals in a flowery pattern. This shade is a perfect, buttery mauve with a strong red/orange shimmer. 

Tell Me Who To Fight: 2 coats plus top coat then matte. This is such a great color for autumn. That caramel orange is so unique and it is nothing I have in my collection. I love that shimmer and I am such a fan. This actually reminds me of a caramel apple and the green apple peeking out. 

Everything Beth does is for her dad. Her family does a lot of fighting for him, and she doesn't hesitate to throw down the gauntlet for him. This creamy caramel shade is highlighted by a green/yellow shifting shimmer. 

Big Ass Ashtray: 3 thin coats plus top coat then matte. I love the name of this nail polish and it’s such an iconic scene in the series. I am all for yellow polish but I know it gets such a bad rap. Embrace the yellow and start with this polish if you have none. I love the flakes and the brightness of the yellow yet it’s also muted and perfect for fall.

Inspired by the scene in the liquor store where Beth encourages the clerk to leave her abusive relationship, Big Ass Ashtray is a slightly dusty but still sunny yellow with red/orange iridescent flakies and a yellow/orange shimmer. 


You Have No Idea Buddy: 3 very thin coats plus topcoat than matte. Instead of doing thicker coats, I opted for more flakes on my nail. This color is exact to the dress that she’s wearing. Without even reading the description, I knew exactly what this color represented because it’s such an iconic scene. I did not experience any staining with this color but I only wore it for about 10 minutes. That being said, I have worn greens that have destroyed my nails in less time than that lol.

I absolutely love this color.Inspired by the low-cut green and white floral dress Beth is wearing in her last meeting with Bob and his assistant from Schwartz & Meyer. It's an Amazon green shade with shining white and silver flakies. Remember, she's drinking vodka with olives, not a martini. Martinis have vermouth, and you drink them with friends. 

Heaven's Right Here: 3 coats plus top coat than matte. 2 coats was enough though. This is just such a pretty night sky color. I haven’t been to Montana but I hope to go soon and I bet their skies look exactly like this. Just loaded with stars. This one is so much more sparkly in person than I can capture on photo. The sparkle just freaked out my camera because it is so gorgeous. 

This is after one of my favorite Beth and Rip scenes. On the roof of the lodge like two teenagers having big conversations about life. A super dark, inky blue with a very heavy helping of holo glitters. 


The collection is available now! Each color retails for $13 each but will be available as a full set at special pricing ($58) from 9/23-10/7
I love this collection entirely, so I would definitely recommend the entire collection! I cannot wait for some November manis with this (and October, but I'll be in Halloween mode the entire month LOL). 

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