Thursday, October 20, 2022

13 Days of Halloween: Favorites Halloween Handpainted Looks

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 This post is a doozy because wow, it reminds me of when I had time (LOL) and did such intricate art. Although, many of these are super simple and can be completed in minutes! I like the mix of stuff that probably took me 60-90 mins and some that were like 20 minutes. So let's take a look!



 Candy corn is a theme I just always love. I also love Stella Chroma Axe Fight, which is one of my most used black polishes! Here are all the details!


I am a hugeeee corgi fan and have been well, for like half my life. These look more like corgi bears, but who cares, it's a mash up on two cute things. Full details here.

I seem to always be inspired by Magnolia cakes. I love this one so much and I think I remember it taking like 20 minutes for all ten nails. Love love love. Details here.

Ack, I just love these cat-o-lanterns. I also love the bright gradient behind them. I also liked that I mixed stamping with some handpainted aspects. Details here!


Omg remember when everyone loved flocking powder? I still have the powder and they added such drama to the manicure! Here's all the details to my fluffy ghosts!

Oh my goodness look at these super old nails! I remember my huge texture phase. Ugh, I loved them so much. I didn't write down all the colors then, but I definitely have most of these still. I think these were inspired by Halloween stuffed animals too. Click here for the details!


I love mixing pastels with Halloween. It's just so fun. Plus, black cats are the best, so I love doing art with them. All the cutest details here!


This one is such a fun interpretation. Galaxy nail art but make it Halloween! Galaxy details here!

Ikat was everywhere at the time. I feel like I don't see it anymore but I really love how this came out. Here's the color details.

Another oldie! Mummy nail art. Just dots and lines and call it a day! Details here!


Stella Chroma Axe Fight makes another appearance! I just wanted to paint items you would see at Halloween and ack, so cute! Halloween icon details here!


I remember this mani perfectly! I wore it when I went to the Pumpkin Blaze and it was just so amazing! It's just thousands upon thousands of carved pumpkins and sculptures. Of course, I had to match. Head to my post for all the details!


Black and orange is obviously so iconic! What is easier than the basic colors with some glitter? I have so many Halloween glitters that I cannot part with! Here's all the details!


Again, just obsessed. Smoosh art, glitter, witch hat. What's not to love? Ugh, I want to do these nail now! Details here!


This one gets two photos because I love it so much. It's inspired by my favorite Halloween scarf gifted to me by my darling. I just love animals dressed up. Head to the post for all the details!


Black and red is such a spooky combo and I loved these vampire nails. Full color details here!


Well these are super cute kawaii inspired looks. Inspired by various Halloween icons! It's bright and fun and something I would do on my 6-year old niece. Colors details here.

This one is so simple, but I wanted to share how easy effective art can be. Some dabbles, a round circle, and boom...bats in the nights. Details here!

More textured polishes and more candy corn. I loveeee these pastel textures and now I cannot wait to use them again. Full details here!


These were inspired by a pair of socks! A pumpkin scarecrow? How cool? I used a ton of nail polish colors and it just was so fun to paint. Head here for details.


Pumpkin spice is a way of life, don't you think so? I love it! So I loved them on my nails. Full details here.

This is a nail art I loved sooooo much. This one makes me so happy and proud. I know people love to do art with acrylic paint but this was all nail polish and I just love it! All the details and inspiration can be found here.


I think this might be one of my favorite looks ever, but I say that a lot.  Here are the details for my You're My Book look!


Zombie pumpkins! Usually, I'm more cutesy or spooky but this was more creepy. Like pastel zombie pumpkins LOL. They were fun though. Here's the details!

 Phew!! This post took forever to do, but it was so fun to take a look back at these! Hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. All of your manicures are fantastic. You're so creative. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you! I definitely go through my periods of "blah" and then sometimes I amaze myself haha. I'm glad you enjoy them!

  2. Love each mani so much! So creative and gorgeous!!

    1. Thank you so much! I really had a blast going through ten years of Halloween nail art, as you can see!


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