Saturday, October 30, 2021

13 Days of Halloween: Cat 'O Lanterns

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It is Mischief Night! Tonight is October 30, and this is my 12th nail art for Halloween. Stay tuned tomorrow for my final Halloween look. This one took me quite a while because I added so many components: gradient, stamping, handpainted. Not sure why I had so many components, but I just like could not stop haha.


Another manicure that is inspired by a card! Seriously, greeting card art is just adorable and I have done so many nail arts inspired by those beautiful and fun arts. This one was a bunch of cat pumpkins and I don't know who thought of it, but it is great. They are cat o'lanterns. GET IT? It was just the pumpkins over a white card, so I had to add a bunch of extra details!


I used a bunch of colors but here are the main ones:

  • Blue: Stella Chroma Big Sky
  • Purple: Zoya Tina 
  • Left orange: Zoya Cory 
  • Middle orange: Duri Cosmetics Uninhibited
  • Right Orange: OPI Have Your Pannetone and Eat It Too
  • White: KBShimmer White Here White Now

I first did the gradient of purple and blue as I wanted a dusk type look.  Then I stamped on some bats and a moon. I drew on my pumpkins and then added the details. I guess I thought I could fit three pumpkins but my nails are not wide enough haha. Should have just done two! I covered it with matte top coat.


This came out cute even if the detail is a little off. Sleeping kitty pumpkins. Come on, now!

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