Monday, October 4, 2021

Pusheen Calendar Series: Pusheen Meowciato

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Hey all! It's October 4th and I am officially trying to catch up with Pusheen manis. I am two month behind but won't be soon. I literally had the colors out to do this mani and had my bad break and just feel meh about doing it. Well, I feel like I have enough growth, so here I am, with the cutest macchiato you will ever see!


Is this not the best catfe you've ever seen? I think there actually are Pusheen cafes around the world, just none near me. You know I would totally be all up in that! These were all so cute, but I chose meowchiato because it is just soooo adorable. Like a foam Pusheen on top of my drink!

I love the pastel theme so I stuck with that. I thought about coffee stamping on the other nails but liked the idea of the pink sparkles in the end.

  • Green: Jessica Cosmetics Mint Blossom 
  • Pink: Jessica Cosmetics Pinkies Up
  • Greys: Girly Bits Hit and Mist and Greyz and Confused
  • Browns: KBShimmer What the Fudge and Oh My Gourd 
  • White: KBShimmer White Here White Now
  • Outline: Jessica Cosmetics #LoveThisLook

I wish we had a Pusheen catfe with all the awesome coffees and treats!

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