Tuesday, October 26, 2021

13 Days of Halloween: Iconic Halloween Stamping over Halloween Neons

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Good day all. I love all of my Halloween stamping plates and I really love the images that have a mishmash of all Halloween icons. I have a few different versions but in the end I chose one that has the most diversity in its images. this plate has a witch, pumpkin, ghost, the broom, a cat, spiderwebs, pitchforks, owls, and more. Seriously, what more can you ask for?



I used KBshimmer polishes for this look  I wanted to go with a neon and pastel neon look. I added random horizontal stripes of two oranges, two purples, and two greens. There is no rhyme and reason beyond using these three Halloween colors and random tones of neons. The stripes won’t look perfect and they aren’t supposed to.


I used a bunch of KBShimmer neons for this look. I used traditional neons and pastel neons. With a striping brush, and just went back and forth with random lines!

Colors Used:

  • Dark orange: KBShimmer Please Don’t Glow Girl
  • Pastel orange: KBShimmer Papaya Don’t Preach 
  • Dark green: KBShimmer Race Against Slime 
  • Pastel green: KBShimmer Lime All Right 
  • Dark purple: KBShimmer Let’s Be Frank 
  • Pastel purple: KBShimmer Bored Shorts 

Then I used a black stamping polish and BBB plate to stamp on the image!



I love this stamping image! I feel like I use it each season with a different base. So fun!

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