Saturday, October 23, 2021

13 Days of Halloween: Pusheen Calendar Series: Pusheen Halloween Nail Art

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There are a lot of trends for pastel Halloween decor, so this Pusheen look fits right in! This one is not so in-your-face Halloween, but Pusheen marches to its own tune. So let's check it out!


This year, Pusheen wasn’t as festive as previous years since there were no pumpkins or witches and honestly at first look you might not even notice that this is a Halloween manicure. But this is the Halloween activities pushing is doing this year, which includes being a total pain in the butt at home.

I loved the idea of Pusheen unwrapping the mummy and doing that across my nails. So that’s what I went with. Pushing loves wrappers including candy wrappers and the mummy wrappers. Who do we think to mummy is? A real mummy or another cat?!


Here is a breakdown of all of the colors I used:

  • Base: Stella Chroma Cherry Blossom
  • Green: Jessica Cosmetics Flower Crown 
  • Pink: Jessica Cosmetics Valley Girl 
  • Orange: Jessica Cosmetics Pumpkin Spice 
  • Greys: Girly Bits Hit and Mist and Greyz and Confused
  • Purple: Girly Bits My Peony Has a First Name  
  • White: KBShimmer White Here White Now
  • Outline: Jessica Cosmetics #LoveThisLook


That poor mummy. He doesn’t even know what’s coming but Pusheen is really excited and a hyper cat who ate too much candy.

I also wanted to share here where I lined up the toilet paper or mummy wrap to see how it kind of cascaded across all of my nails.


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