Thursday, September 30, 2021

Random NOTDs

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Hi all,

So I've been pretty quiet on the blog front because I had a massive nail break on my swatch hand and just haven't wanted to swatch anything at all. In fact, couple that with my new full-time job, two graduate class, and just trying to enjoy autumn, and I am finding it difficult to do anything beyond a quick mani.

I am currently behind on Pusheen art and have two months to do (three including October). I also have a fabulous list of Halloween art that I had already wanted to start mid September, but honestly, won't, because of my broken nail. I also have 2 Zoya collections, an oldDuri fall collection, Stella Chroma Fall, and more to swatch.

So I feel sort of defeated.

Here are some random manis that I've been wearing as my nail grows out. I will say it has been fun wearing singular polishes and just enjoying them. These are by no means official swatches. Just some quick snapshots. 

Girly Bits The Room Where It Happens


Girly Bits Pumpkin Sumthin

Bees Kness Lacquer Nox


Girly Bits Turning a New Leaf: after this one, I re-filed down the other three nails and I think I'll be ready to swatch!

I have so many pretty polishes to play with and so many nail art ideas. Grow nail, grow!

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1 comment:

  1. These are nice.

    I am behind too, after having had a really bad cold for over 3 weeks :-( Just do what you can :-)


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