Sunday, September 5, 2021

Abstract Watermelon Nail Art

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Summer is wrapping up! I love a little abstract art and I've been really attracted to super simple looks that take no time at all and are really effective. So here ya go, my neon abstract watermelons that literally anyone can do!

I was inspired by a nail art from Red Head Nails on IG. When I scrolled for the inspo picture, I couldn't find it so it was either really old or a story. But seriously, her nail art is stunning so give her a follow.

Her version was three different pinks. Since I was actually wearing my watermelon shoes, I decided to switch up the coloring for watermelon colors! Since the summer is ending and watermelon season goes away, this is perfect.

Color list time!

  • Base: KBShimmer White Here White Now 
  • Green: China Glaze Treble Maker
  • Red: KBShimmer Color Me Rad
  • Pink: KBShimmer Pink or Swim
  • Black: Stella Chroma New Moon


I legit just took the polish brush and did squiggles with each color. I did two coats for the green since it was a bit thinner. Then I added random black dots. It cannot get more simple than this. I love how striking it is. It might become a go to design lol. I'm trying to find my groove back into intricate art, but I'm loving the simple art!

I'm pretty sure most of these polishes are readily available, so go grab them. Love them all!

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