Wednesday, September 29, 2021

KBShimmer Rise Up and Under the Sea Sugar Scrub, October Polish Pickup

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Back with another Polish Pickup, this time from KBShimmer! The theme is mermaids and mythic creatures or something like that. KBShimmer has a huge loaded flake polish and wow, just wow! Let's take a look.

Under the Sea Sugar Scrub
Cost and Cap: $10, no cap.
Scent: "Under The Sea is the perfect blend of frozen drink and tropical island where I imagine mermaids might spend their time on land. Fruity, sweet, and succulent notes of fresh-from-the-market juicy watermelon, sticky cantaloupe, and pure sugarcane; blooms of lilies and orchids; plus, salty ocean breezes and pure white sand combine beautifully to make this luscious fragrance. One whiff, and you'll feel like you're lounging on a tropical beach watching frolicking mermaids rule the sea.  If you like Just Beachy, you will love this boldly colored scrub swirled in hues of purple, pink, and aqua, with a hint of pink biodegradable glitter on top. Featuring a heat-sealed lid for no leaks in transit."
Thoughts: I definitely get the fruity goodness and it feels fun as we head into colder weather to reminisce about the tropics!

Rise Up: 3 coats plus top coat.
Cost & Cap: $11, no cap.
Inspiration & Color Description: "Rise Up is a nod to the mythical phoenix soaring through an early evening sky.  Featuring a dusty, slate blue crelly base, Rise Up is loaded with metallic flakes that shift from a deep, fiery red into burnt orange and burnished gold.  At some angles, hints of green come into view, mimicking those flaming phoenix feathers.  This crelly shade is great in two coats, but longer nails may prefer three."
Thoughts: So okay...this is not an easy polish to apply. It’s stunning and super loaded with flakies but it has a sheer base. So the base needs to build up and I had bald spots on the tip of my nail. That means I needed a third coat. And there are just so many flakes, that when I finish my mani, I had to file down the excess shards that pointed out. Again, stunning polish, but will take care to apply. I suggest thin coats and patience but there is a gorgeous payoff with a rainbow of flakes.


These items will be available October 1st in the Polish Pickup shop. Shipping is flat rate $3 in the US and starts at $6 to Canada.

Polish Pickup: SHOP, Facebook

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