Tuesday, October 22, 2019

13 Days of Halloween: Sanderson Sisters Silhouette

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So my cousin is super awesome and creative. She does so many crafts that my brain is just like WHOA! Well she sent me her latest craft and it was a large wooden cutout of a pumpkin and she painted silhouettes of the infamous Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters. I was like whoa, I NEED to do this for nail art...so I did!

13 Days of Halloween: Sanderson Sisters Silhouette

Now I'm sure this is a Pinterest craft image, but I could not find an origin for the inspiration, so if you know it, just tell me. Right now, my cousin Joanna is my inspiration! Have you seen Hocus Pocus? I'm embarrassed to say I've already watched it five times this month. It's really my childhood movie. Is it high quality? No. Is it the best? Yes. LOL.

13 Days of Halloween: Sanderson Sisters  Silhouette

I used all Girly Bits cremes for this look:

  • Base Green/Grey: Ambition
  • Cream Faces: Irreplaceable
  • Black: It's Definitely Him
  • Red: Rust in the Wind 
  • Yellows: Saffron, Saffroff (lighter) and Butternut Leave Me (darker)

I did the sisters in order: Mary, Winifred, and Sara. I also added the infamous black flame candle, since it was Max the Virgin that lit it to bring back the witches. Really, their hair is what makes them iconic, so that was the focus!

13 Days of Halloween: Sanderson Sisters Silhouette

13 Days of Halloween: Sanderson Sisters Silhouette

13 Days of Halloween: Sanderson Sisters Silhouette

Seriously Joanna, thanks for the inspiration! I really looked at her photo to get the correct details and angles of the faces and hair, because that is what makes them so recognizable. And I love that I was able to perfectly match the colors with the Girly Bits brand! Ahhhh, I love this!

13 Days of Halloween: Sanderson Sisters Silhouette

All of these Girly Bits cremes are available now! As you can see, I've been using them for nail art a lot lately. I just love that they are one coaters and make art seamless!

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  1. Haha this is awesome. I love it :-D

  2. Best. Movie. Ever! And I'm a failure this year because I have only watched it ONCE! These nails are amazing!


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