Friday, August 12, 2022

Grapefruit Nail Art

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More fruit nail art, because I have problems, LOL. I was inspired by this adorable art I saw on Pinterest. I just love the neutral base with the neons against it. Plus, grapefruit art? SO CUTE! I took a short break from posting because I was behind on Instagram and I hate letting posts pile up. But here we are!

I love love love pulling out old polishes. Sometimes I think, get rid of all but 50 nail polishes. Then I do a nail art where there's a particular orange and one orange is slightly too dark and one too light and then I am like, yes, I DO need 50 orange polishes, leave me alone. HAHA.


I know grapefruit does not exactly look like this, but I do love the color combo I saw on Pinterest, so I wanted to utilize the same style! That pop of pink is super cute!

Here are the colors I used. Again, I went through like 12 different oranges and yellows to pick this color combo. I loved pulling out these oldies!

  • Morgan Taylor Tell Her She's Stellar 
  • Lechat Chamomile
  • ORLY Tropical Pop (purchased a million years ago)
  • Lechat Gypsy Rose
  • KBShimmer White Here White Now 

Ok I have done lemons, oranges, and now grapefruit. I think I need to round out summer with a watermelon look!

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  1. I love your nail art. Great colors used. I look forward to the watermelon art. 😊

    1. I love that neon orange against the beige. Doing the watermelon nails tomorrow and hopefully will post them before the month ends LOL.


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