Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Stella Chroma Ghost and Gummy Worms Sugar Scrub, September 2022 Polish Pickup

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I cannot believe it is Polish Pickup time already. Like seriously, where does the time go? September's theme is always spooky so you can get your goodies in time for Halloween! Halloween is my favorite, so I always look forward to seeing contributions from everyone. And I have to say, if you don't buy this month's scrub, you are seriously missing out!

Just wanted to show off Stella Chroma's new boxes! I love the glossy dusty teal color and it is totally unique! Just one more thing to love about the brand.

Gummy Worms Emulsified Sugar Scrub: "Gummy worms (especially the pineapple-flavored ones!) are my favorite non-chocolate Halloween candy. It was a no-brainer for a spooky PPU theme! A combination of orange, strawberry, raspberry, lemon, and peach with a hint of sugary sweetness is mixed in with our luxe emulsified sugar scrub formula." $6.50 for 2.5 oz. No cap.

THIS SCENT!!! This is not a gross overly sweet candy scent. This is like fruit ices to me, like snow cones. I loveeee the combination of the fruit. It is just so so good and yes, I did already request a cuticle oil. I want to bath in this hahah. It's just perfection.

Ghost - "Inspired by the album art Phish's Live Album from 11/17/97. Ghost is one of my favorite Phish songs and this version is my favorite! A vivid purple with silver holographic glitter, holo flakies, and a strong pink shimmer. Perfect for the transition from summer to fall." $13 for 15 mL. No cap.

Ghost: 3 coats plus top coat. This is such a great purple. I get witchy vibes for it. Like black stamped witch hats! YES! The pink shimmer makes this one super pretty and not just any basic purple microglitter. The purple is also soft yet bright, if that makes sense. 

Honestly, two goods was good but I did three for depth and sparkle! At the first coat, this goes on very sheer. But the second coat, it becomes more opaque . If you have short nails, you will be fine at two coats. Since I have very visible nail line, I opted for three coats. The pink shimmer and this really makes it such a pretty purple

I had to show you this in the sun because look at all that sparkle (one of MY favorite Phish songs!). It is just so wowwwww. And that pink shimmer is so special!


This polish and the sugar scrub is available September 2nd though September 5th in the Polish Pickup shop. Shipping is flat rate $3 in the US and starts at $6 to Canada.

Polish Pickup: SHOP, Facebook
Stella Chroma: Shop, Facebook, Instagram

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