Monday, September 5, 2022

End of Summer Neon Gradient Manicure

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Hello everyone and Happy Labor Day! This is the unofficial end of summer and honestly, I’ve been ready for fall looks for a while now so I thought I would do one last neon manicure  I have been wanting to do some art with KBShimmer’s summer collection and well, just in time!

Her summer collection was all shimmers so that can be difficult to create art. So I went with a fun gradient. I also haven’t done stamping in a while, so I wanted to utilize that! 


I used KBShimmer colors for the entire look.

  • Blue: KBShimmer Dive On It
  • Orange: KBShimmer Flip Out
  • Yellow: KBShimmer Let It Slide
  • White: KBShimmer White Here White Now 

The plate w BBB XL001. I don’t know if these plates still exist or if the number is accurate. But it is a summer plate with beach looks. 

Normally people spend Labor Day weekend at the beach for one final taste of summer. It’s raining by me so no beach but my nails definitely look like it. How cute are the shells?! The KB white actually works great for stamping so that’s what I used.


I swear, Let It Slide, the yellow, hates me. I did my thumb in the yellow and you can see below here, all these brown dots appeared. It's on my nails too. It isn't really noticeable here in the gradient, but you can see it on my plain yellow nails. Either way though, this looks so cute!

These colors are available now, as they were part of the summer collection.

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  1. I really love this manicure. Out of that collection flip out was my favorite . I wish it would have come out sooner. I think I wore it for 2 weeks . Luckily Kinda Shady is going to be a fall favorite. Thanks for sharing .


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