Thursday, September 8, 2022

What’s Up Nails Gust Of Wind Collection

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Hello everyone! I'm transitioning into my crazy schedule back at work, plus finishing my second Masters degree. Ack! Looking forward to my life easing up a bit in January LOL. For now, I'm focusing on my favorite season, fall! Let's kick it off with some fun nail polishes from What's Up Nails. This is my first experience with the brand, so I have a full review!


Just to mention, I did not really use topcoat for my swatches. The humidity and heat wave was causing the topcoat to wrinkle nail polish because I was swatching so quickly, trying to get the sun shots. So I just wanted you to see the polishes with their natural finish but of course when I wear them, I will use topcoat.

Also, can we talk about the packaging?! Wow! The rose gold details are gorgeous and the tops of the boxes almost have an embroidered type feel. I love the desert imagery as an homage to where the company is based.


Mauver and Shaker: 2 coats. "Mauve with Pink to Green Iridescent Duochrome Shimmer." Yes, this might be called a mauve polish, but this is not your grandmother’s mauve. This has enough pink and purple undertones to be a super gorgeous color that I think will complement any skin tone. There’s a shifty shimmer in there that’s super obvious in person but likes to hide in photographs. I was also surprised with the great formula as this was the first polish I swatched and my first experience with the brand.


Lush Orangery: 3 coats. "Coral with Pink to Gold Iridescent Duochrome Shimmer."  Honestly, at two coats, this looked good. But for photos, I felt a third coat would take it over the edge to show you just how gorgeous this orange is. It is almost like a neon orange coral with a shimmer that shifts from pink to orange. Really pretty. I opted not to use topcoat because I liked that matte quality from the neon. Soooo pretty.


Bear Trap: 3 coats. "Mustard Yellow with Gold Shimmer." I knew I would love this yellow no matter what it did to my skin tone because I have a thing for yellow polishes. Like Lush Orangery, this is totally fine at two coats. But for photos I opted for three just because there was teeny tiny bit of visible nail line. Next time I wear this, I will only use two coats.


Tuscan Harvest: 3 coats. "Olive Green with Iridescent Shimmer."  Same as I have been saying with the previous two, this is totally wearable at two coats but I opted for three for the photos. This yellow-toned green is just so gorgeous for autumn and I cannot wait to wear it again. It is sooo perfect for autumn.


Night Contrails: 2 coats and a magnet after each coat. "Dark Blue Base with Teal to Purple Cat Eye Effect and Green to Blue Iridescent Duochrome Shimmer." I did not use topcoat for this and it has a really cool finish. Of course, if you want it shiny, use topcoat. I wonder if my magnets are dying because I could see how super strong the magnetic affect was but it seem to fade for me when I went to take pictures. This is my magnet and not one provided by What’s Up Beauty. It’s been a long time since I’ve used a magnetic polish so I genuinely think my magnets may be weak. Imagine this with some star stamping!


Plumingo Party: 2 coats. "Maroon with Pink to Orange Iridescent Duochrome Shimmer and Small Purple Flash Reflective Glitter." Of course with reflective polishes, they shine much better without topcoat so I wanted to show it then I added some swatches with it later with topcoat, starting at the fourth picture. This is a dark and moody polish and totally gives me which and Halloween vibes so I can’t wait to put it back on. Love the rich shimmer.  


This is a great group of colors and finishes for a collection. I have some ideas for some autumn nail art so I’ll be back with that whenever I get a chance. But love the range this collection provides and I was so impressed with the quality of the polishes! All of them only needed two coats, so that's what I love!

You can get all 6 polishes plus a magnet for $69.99 (which is 15% off of full value $82.75)! Otherwise, the colors retail for $12.75.

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Products in the post were provided for honest review.

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