Monday, August 22, 2022

Vintage Sunshine Nails

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More Pinterest-inspired looks! I have had a Pinterest board of gorgeous nail looks that I wanted to re-create since the beginning. I pinned this a while ago and well, I finally re-created it. I loveeeeee it. This was inspired by a look from Sonya's Nails. I found these on Pinterest and I am so glad cause she does awesome work and I pinned so many more looks! I’ve been deep in academia so my creative juices have been subdued lately so I love when artists share work so I can be inspired.

I loved the dusty and vintage quality of the colors chosen. I feel like my brain loves complicated nail art, so I need help with figuring out simple nail art. This really did not take me any time at all and to say I love it is an understatement.


Here are the colors I used. I knew right away that I wanted to use Moose Milk. I need another bottle of that polish because I absolutely love it. I then compared at least 5 different dusty yellows, 6 different blues, and 3 different oranges. These are the colors that won!

  • Base: Jessica Cosmetics Moose Milk, 3 coats 
  • Yellow: Duri Sting Like A Bee, 3 coats 
  • Blue: Zoya Rocky, 3 coats 
  • Orange: Stella Chroma Hug the Road

My thumb was also the solid blue, since I wanted that accent nail to have more connection. This was so easy and yet looks so complicated and fun. It was honestly just stripes and squiggles! Also, if you see bubbles, it's my annoying top coat right now hating the extreme heat!

So what do you think of this look? It definitely gives me vintage vibes with the dusty colors. I love it!

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