Friday, August 19, 2022

My Dress and My Nails

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August is a busy month for me. I am back to in-person work and prepping for the beginning of my semester. Plus, it's always a lag in swatching, since it's that in-between time of summer and fall collections. But I do have one fall collection being delivered today! Because of all of that, I basically just do nail art and only like once a week. I went to a wedding a few weekends ago, so here is my dress and my nails!

I took a close-up image of my dress to show you the colors I used. The dress was majority green and lots of variations of it so I chose the pink tones for my nails!

So I have a super bad habit of doing my nails and then a week later, taking pics when they are wrecked. So I tried to fix my nails for photos in 300 degree heat and well, meh. But I wanted to show you the concept of what this looked like because it was really pretty.

I only used two colors for this look. 
  • Morgan Taylor All American Beauty
  • Morgan Taylor All About the Pout 

I did three coats of All American Beauty and then dabbed on the pink. As I mentioned, I tried to clean up my nails for pictures, but I made a mess. But you get the idea. It was gorgeous when I originally did it haha...not as messy.

I did take pictures in the church while waiting for the ceremony to start. Not the best lighting but you get the idea! You can see how I pulled the pink from the flowers  I felt green nails would be way too busy plus I actually don't love bright full green nails (mostly use it for nail art).

So simple but so pretty and effective! 

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  1. I love your nails and love the dress. Did you ever check out the orange print dress?? Thanks for sharing .

    1. Thank you! And was the dress with oranges, pink flowers, against a blue background? I LOVED IT! Pinned it for a future nail art!

    2. That was the one. I think all their clothes are so much fun and they come in all sizes. Thanks again for sharing your nail art.


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