Friday, April 22, 2022

Sprinkles Candy Nail Art

 Press Sample

 So last week I did a manicure with a bunny donut and sprinkles. Well, it just did not turn out the way I wanted. I removed it and decided I wanted pale pink nails. Then I was like, hey, add some sprinkles, because why not?! So now, it's strawberry frosted donuts on my nails! YAY.

So as I mentioned above, I loved how the nails looked with sprinkles, so I redid my entire manicure. The previous mani, I had a teal on. I didn't want that. I am in a total pastel mood! I love this pale pink from Jessica Cosmetics! And yes, I did end up googling a Dunkin strawberry donut so I could see the sprinkle colors!


Most of the colors were from Jessica Cosmetics. They just have such great pastels and I tend to reach for them all the time!

  • Base: Jessica Cosmetics Pink Squirrel
  • Darker Pink: Jessica Cosmetics Valley Girl
  • Orange: Jessica Cosmetics Apricot Ice 
  • Yellow: Jessica Cosmetics Sunglow 
  • Green: Jessica Cosmetics Love You Very Matcha 
  • Blue: Jessica Cosmetics Headliner
  • White: KBShimmer White Here White Now 


There really is not a method to this beyond just random lines! Once you add the white in, you can really get the sprinkles mood and it all comes together. The white was the last color I did and it really together.

 Oh these are just so sweet! I cannot stand how adorable they are!

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