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Stella Chroma At The Fair Collection

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Yayyy spring collections! Actually, this is more of a summer collection by inspiration but the colors are an every season collection! I absolutely love the colors and variety of the finishes of this colors, so let's take a look!

From Pam, the creator behind Stella Chroma:

"At The Fair is a 6 piece collection inspired by the fun to be had at fairs. County fairs, state fairs, school fairs, they're all similar at heart and tons of fun! We had the same people setting up our county fair as a kid, so you knew the rides and games like the back of your hand! I can still see the midway and all of the rides in my mind when I close my eyes. So truly, this collection is based on MY county fair, lol. But I've been to other fairs, and they all translate."

Carousel: 2 coats plus top coat. "A deep blue creme finish with a strong blue/green/gold shimmer is designed after the carousel that is always in the middle of the midway! Mine was a deep blue and was covered in mirrors with thick, golden frames. Horses, giraffes, elephants, camels. Take your pick!
I always had the carousels that were all decorated horses and I loved the super ornate ones. The shimmer in this is strong and beautiful without being frosty. It went on in two easy coats. The blue is bright enough for any season.

Demo Derby:  3 thin coats plus top coat. Can do two thick but not my style. Then matte. It was fine at two but I wanted more flakes. "My little brother LIVED for the demolition derby, and he had to sit as close as possible. By the end of the derby (They lasted for HOURS!), we were always covered in a thin layer of dust. This pretty color pays tribute to that fine layer! lolol. A sandy shade with iridescent green/yellow flakies that sparkle in the sun."
I love the flakes in this although I do admit this shade of grey gives me "Dead hands." I do sorta look like a zombie in photos, but that won't stop me from wearing this color. I love grey polish and the flakes are awesome. It is so stunning when it is matte too. 


Funhouse: 3 coats. Then with top coat. "Wait in between coats to ensure that it’s smooth. This pale blue matte shade is the same shade as the little kid's funhouse at my fair. It was full of mirrors that made you look stretched, lumpy, upside down, and sideways. It had forest animals painted on the walls that were bright, neon pink. Let this one dry matte like its natural state, or add a glossy top coat and watch the pink/orange flakies shine in a totally different way."
This is my absolute favorite. I love the slight hint of blue tinting in the super pale bass and the explosion of rainbow flakes. I honestly could’ve gotten away with two coats but I wanted to be extra with three because I wanted all the flakes. I really don’t know what else I could want from a polish because this one is stunning and it is amazing both matte which is how it dries and with topcoat.


Gravitron: 2 coats plus top coat.  Then matte. "I waited for YEARS to be big enough to ride the Gravitron. The loud music pumping out of the spinning silver spaceship with purple lights drew you in! Let's just say that when I was finally tall enough, this ride didn't disappoint! Nor will this vivid purple creme with metallic black flakies." 

I always remember the first time I wrote the gravitron and it was just the best experience ever. He still confuses me how you can stay up while floating. It really was the best ride. This is a fun purple polish because I love the addition of the black flakes and it went together well in two coats. Plus add matte topcoat for a fun variation.

Lemon Shake-up: 3 coats. 2 had the tiniest VNL. Would do two in person. "The lemon shake-up is a quintessential fair/festival treat, isn't it? I've tried making them at home and they just aren't the same. No collection based on the fair would be complete without a bright yellow. We decided to add eye-searing linear holographic pigment and holo flakies to this jelly yellow shade."

Y’all know I love my yellow polishes. Plus make it a little bit gold and it’s even better. I don’t know what the lemon shake up is but now I want one. I love all the holo flakes in this one and it gives it so much dimension. Again two coats are enough but I did three for photos. But you really only need two.


The Scrambler: 2 coats. Then with matte. "This one is summer perfection! A poppy orange-red with bronze flakies and gold holographic glitter is just enough bling and just enough warm tone to look amazing at the beach or barbecue, but is classic enough to be appropriate all year long!"

Poppy is a perfect color description because there are a lot of orange undertones in this one. That actually makes it more wearable for me. I love all the gold and bronze in this one because again, it gives it a lot of dimension. I can’t wait to put this on as a pedicure.

So what do you think? Have any favorites? This collection is a winner for me but everyone truly needs Fun House. 

This collection will release on Friday, April 8th at noon EST. All shades will retail for $13 each. The full set will be available for $70.00 from 4/8 until 4/22.

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  1. Beautiful photos!! Thank you so much for the post! And you HAVE to find a legit festival lemon shakeup. Soooo good! Thank me when you have one. :)


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