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KBShimmer The Lounge Set

Hi all! So I finally have the KBShimmer Lounge Set swatched and ready to share. Honestly, I wanted to wait. I knew everyone would post the 2-3 before the release and my swatches would be lost in a sea in other swatchers. Second, this collection deserves love well beyond the first weekend release. Or maybe someone decided to budget to grab all of it!? Whatever the reason, I am here to share now! And if you didn’t see my nail art with these last month, check it out here!

From KBShimmer, 

Lounging around is something many look forward to after a long workweek. On a day off, unset alarms allow for sleeping in, waking only to get ready for a laugh-filled brunch with friends. Soft socks, a good book, and snuggles with pets are just as appealing - if not more - than a night on the town. A warm drawn bath beckons, where a flickering candle, face mask, and healing crystals help center our minds and allow us to recharge. Taking time to enjoy the freedom of lounging around has inspired this nine-piece reflective collection.

Stunning in all lighting, reflective polishes bounce back light for an undeniable sparkle. These shades come alive with flash, and twinkle even without it, and catch even the lowest of light, for unique polishes that will always capture attention.

 Smooth Moves, Glitter Smoothing Topcoat: 

"Smooth Moves by KBShimmer works best when used on a fully dry manicure, allowing the topcoat to fill in the gaps and divots left by chunky glitters and flakes after setting. For best results, apply one plump coat of Smooth Moves to your completely dry manicure and let dry. Finish with a coat of your favorite quick dry topcoat, like Clearly On Top."

I just wanted to share a before and after over Self-Reflection. I did not use additional top coat. You can see how the reflectives dry down a bit textured and Smooth Moves did a great job to literally smooth it over!


Self-Reflection nail polish is a sunny metallic shade loaded with silver light-reflective glitters. A bold shimmer shines in hues of gold, copper, and lime. In lower lights, a fiery, red-leaning orange glimmers among the gold, while bright light brings out the silver color which sets off deeper red tones. 

Self-Reflection: 2 coats plus smooth moves. I really love this neutral shade because for me, it’s a color I would go to all the time. I love the hands of orange and little bits of red as you shift your nails. It’s just an overall stunning color. This is definitely one of my top pics of the collection because I am personally a fan of gold and silver polishes.


Of Quartz is a soft rose-colored reflective nail polish shade accented by a shifty shimmer. In low light, the soft rose-colored base takes on a near lavender hue, while the gold shimmer shifts to near lime hues and hints of aqua. In brighter light, near red and copper shimmer accents the blush hue of this sparkling lacquer. 

Of Quartz: 2 coats plus smooth moves. Like so many of the polishes in this collection, I think the added bits of reflective shimmer and shifting shimmer take up the colors a notch. This is a great soft pink that is perfect for spring time. I love that it’s sort of borders on that rose gold type color. I miss my rose gold iPhone when I look at this.


There’s A Nap For That – A bold magenta shade, There’s A Nap For That nail polish is loaded with a fiery shimmer that shifts from a vibrant red to a burning orange to a soft gold. In brighter light, the twinkling reflective glitters amplify the color, showing off a crimson shimmer. 

There’s A Nap For That: 2 coats plus smooth moves. this one has a surprise shift of orange shimmer when you move your nails. I do love how deep pink this is and it would’ve made for some super cute Valentine’s Day manicures. If you like magenta then you need this color.

Mask Me Again nail polish is an avocado green reflective shade packed with color-shifting shimmer. A soft pink shimmer subtly shifts to hues of gold and lime against the muted green. Bold lighting brings out a fuchsia shimmer and lime tones for a fresh, spring-like shade ideal for any spa day at home. 

Mask Me Again: 2 coats plus smooth moves. This isn’t the bright green that I wanted it to be but if you look at the description it does call it a muted green. On my skin tone it’s sort of looks like pea soup so I like that extra pink shimmer that sort of amps up the green. This one has a super shifty shimmer and you can see that gold so nice when you shift your nails.


I Knead You Now nail polish is a mint shade that gleams with reflective glitters, setting off a striking color-shifting shimmer. In low light, shimmery tones of emerald quickly morph into violet, fuchsia and sky blue. Bright light allows a bright emerald shimmer to set off the silvery mint base. 

I Knead You Now: 2 coats plus smooth moves. This is another one of my favorites of the collection. I love that bright mint color and it’s just so fun. Although this one doesn’t have shifting shimmer, I think the color speaks for itself and it really didn’t need much more. This one’s really gorgeous and perfect for summer.


Lounging Around is an electric, aqua-leaning blue nail polish featuring twinkling reflective glitter. As viewing angles change, the color-shifting shimmer shows off sparkling hues of blue, indigo, and purple, while brighter light brings out emerald and turquoise hues. This shade is sure to bring joy to your manicure. 

 Lounging Around: 2 coats plus smooth moves. I feel like this collection needed a deep blue like this but it’s bright enough like an awkward that it’s such a pretty beach color. I can see myself putting this as a pedicure even though I only like cream polishes normally. I really love how bright and ocean like this color is.


Novel Idea nail polish is a deep grape shade that shows off color-shifting shimmer boasting a rainbow of hues. Swimming among reflective glitters, a soft rose hue gives way to gold, then green and aqua as angles change. Bright light brings out peach and aqua hues, while the flashy silver glitter twinkles against the purple base.

Novel Idea: 2 coats plus smooth moves. This one is such a surprise of the collection. I did not expect to see a rainbow in this color. It’s really easy to see the green and the red and the gold and it is so pretty. Although I am not normally a purple person, the rainbow shimmer and this makes it super special. I feel like this is the winner for people who want this collection.

Love You Brunches nail polish starts with a deep violet base amplified by silver reflective glitters. A bold shimmer shows off shades of copper and vibrant magenta, while other angles and lighting show traces of tarnished gold and bronze. This purple shade is made for brunch dates and will set off your fresh squeezed juice and flaky croissant. 

Love You Brunches: 2 coats plus smooth moves. Again, not a purple person, but the pink shimmer in this one makes it a favorite for me. I just love how it totally pops off the purple base. And when you move your nails around, you can see that gorgeous gold. I can see this being a fan favorite.



Drawn To You is a muted, grey-leaning periwinkle. Reflective glitters set off a fiery copper shimmer that shifts into tones of lemon and lime. In bright light, the shimmer shows off a bold red tone against a slate blue-leaning base while silver glitters twinkle and shine.

Drawn to You:  2 coats plus smooth moves. This one is sort of a surprise for me as it’s more muted than the other colors. But I love gray polishes and this is another go to for me year-round. I can see myself being indecisive and asking what do I want to wear today? Boom drawn to you is what I choose. Again that shimmer makes the gray totally elevated and it’s really beautiful.


My favorites are I Knead You Now, Self-Reflection, Drawn to You, and Love You Brunches. But really, I could see myself grabbing them all cause they make super fun nail art!

These are available now! 

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