Thursday, April 14, 2022

Easter Bunny Donut Nail Art

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Oh man, I had high hopes for this art. I have another card inspiration and it was the cutest bunny donut. The design was adorable because Easter reminds me of sweets, sprinkles, and bunnies! Well, I may be too critical but this might be one for the fail pile. Of course, I like to share both.

So I wanted to make the cutest donut and even outlined everything, yet, it still all looked smooshed. I started with a base of the teal creme as I wanted the white bunny to pop off the base. I drew the ears first so I made sure there was room for them, but I am not sure that was the right call.

The other nails mimicked the sprinkles that were in the donut! Those nails came out great! I also do love the combination of these colors. They are so festive and perfect for spring.

Colors used:

  • Base: KBShimmer Happy Camper 
  • Donut color: Lechat Honeybuns mixed with white creme
  • White: KBShimmer White Here White Now 
  • Blue: Jessica Cosmetics Forget Me Not
  • Coral: Jessica Cosmetics Dahlia 
  • Light pink: Jessica Cosmetics Pink Squirrel
  • Darker pink: Jessica Cosmetics Valley Girl 




Well I loved the sprinkles nails so much, I ended up taking off this manicure and redoing them. That art is to come another time! Also, I'm glad I ended up removing this because I forgot how much Happy Camper stained!

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