Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Easter Chicks and Bunnies Cupcake Nail Art

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Sigh, life is not my nail friend lately! I keep having breaks (probably the fluctuating weather), my hectic work and class schedule, and I was just sick for a week. I have all these great ideas for nail art and I’m just not getting time to do them which is so disappointing because that is why I started this blog. I find myself only having time to do my nails once a week which is a total bummer. Anyway I got one Easter nail art on so let’s take a look at it.


If you’ve been with my blog long enough, you know that I take a lot of inspiration from cards. Yes the card we used to give people. In fact I still always give a card. Some of these cards are super gorgeous and they cost like 10 bucks and I have definitely gone to stores and taking pictures of these cards. So that’s the inspiration for today.

For me Easter is about cute bunnies and chicks so why not put them on cupcakes? And why not have your cupcakes be green like Easter grass. This was just way too cute. Of course, Jessica Cosmetics has such great pastels so I reached for those!

  • Blue base: Jessica Cosmetics Headliner
  • Yellow: Jessica Cosmetics Sunglow
  • Pink: Jessica Cosmetics Valley Girl 
  • Jessica Cosmetics Apricot Ice 
  • Dark orange: Jessica Cosmetics Sahara Sun
  • Green: Jessica Cosmetics Green 


Believe it or not, this was a super quick manicure and it really took no time at all. And how cute is it? I still have a few more ideas so I’m hoping I can get them done in time if not, this should equal enough cuteness.


I believe most of these colors are available on the Jessica website. I love their cremes. They have such a variety and hard just so pretty!

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