Thursday, May 12, 2022

Abstract Art with Zoya Abundance

 Press Sample

You are going to see a lot of abstract art on my blog, because frankly, it's what I have been in the mood for. My time is nuts and I don't have the time to do intricate art these days. So I am really looking for something that is easy, effective, and does not need me to concentrate too hard, LOL. 


Sometimes, I don't see if a collection is cohesive until I use them in a nail art and this is one of those times! At first, I thought the darker colors were totally out of place. Now that I have put them together in one art, the colors just word. The darker colors accent the softer colors.

I used five out of the six Abundance colors for this look!  I left out Kit for this look because I felt trying to fit in all the colors would be too cluttered for this look. 
  • Base: Zoya Gwen 
  • Purple: Zoya Lena
  • Shimmer: Zoya Elsa
  • Dark pink: Zoya Ellis
  • Dots: Zoya Tyler


I really need to utilize the blobs and dots more. This looked really impressive and I had so many comments on my nails. Y'all, this took no time at all. I love love love the color combos and just how this art came together. At first, I thought this was a hot mess, but I love the final look. I hope you do, too!

Forgot to add these photos I took with cherry blossoms! Just thought I would share because that base pink is perfect with the cherry blossoms!

This collection is available now!

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